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My Last post of the YEAR...

Whoa!!! The year almost ending in few minutes time!!!

Everybody is in party mood and the atmosphere so lively around, it feels so wonderful. We went through so much this going year but we as a human being always some way or the other find ways to remain happy no matter how much difficult the situation be. Hats off to the spirit of humankind!!!

I wanted to sign off this year's post some how or the other without making it boaring by discussing something very intense and spoiling the party mood!!! 
But the ghost of a responsible citizen inside me will never make me sleep peacefully!!!!

Let me ask you a simple question , why do we party????
Well !!! to make ourselves happy might be the simple motive,isn't it????

And when I say by making simple changes in our lives and being more responsible serves us the same purpose and can make us even more happy for a longer period of time!!!!

There are a lot of problems in today's world and somehow we need to solve it.  Countries are co…

Pure Love!!!!!

I just saw Frozen in TV and was surprised or rather happy to see the love between the siblings shared in the story. It's really a brave attempt my the makers to show a true love story other than the conventional one shown in the movies!!!! 
 Even a movie for kids don't have apt story for kids. Most of the fairytale stories revolves around finding their partners!!! Kids of that age don't think about those things!!! 

Love has no boundaries. One can have love for his or her's family , or one's profession.

Having a family behind you is the most magical thing you can have in your entire life. Sometimes we don't give importance to the things around us instead we run and ponder about the things which are not with us ,isn't it???!!!!

There are thousands of children who are deprived of their parents love. Leading a life in an orphanage might be very scary!!!! Rather than cursing the parents who abandoned them to lead a lonely life I would love to talk about those angels…

You start somewhere and reach somewhere!!!!

Life is so mystic,isn't it? Never fails to surprise you!!!!
   Sometimes you sail along with it and sometimes just go round and round with its created whirlpool.... Everybody wants their share of joy , success and satisfaction. And they don't come alone. With them comes sorrow , failures as well as dissatisfaction.

 When you are dissatisfied with your life , there comes a point when you reach a saturation level. At that moment you just want to break away from the situation. If you have your family behind you then life becomes easier a bit. You gather all your courage and start something afresh. 

After so much failure you just hate everything and at that point starting anything new is the bravest thing you do in your life. It is because the first hurdle is you yourself and overcoming is like half the battle won.

Rather then having pressure , you enjoy your work and that is the only reason you succeed in it. Your selflessness leads you to your success!!!! 

There are so many person wh…

Not easy to please everyone at the same time!!!

Life is one but we have so many things to do and to keep everyone happy is one hell of a task. 


Your intensions might be good but sometimes it misfires!!!!! Can land you in deeper trouble even. Think if you have to take care of your in-laws along with your own parents!!! Its absolute mayhem!!! You feel like pulling your hair!!!! 
Oh! Pathetic....

You cannot satisfy ever palate in the breakfast table. You bring something for your siblings and each one wants the others present!!!!

Life is so harsh that you have to be equally harsh to choose between two important things in the same time , which happens with me a lot!!!!

Sometimes it so happens that to succeed in making everyone happy but you have to pay the price by sacrifying your own stance. And one day you feel lost and remain like just another face.

Our country is going through a lot of change lately. With the second largest population in the world and so much religious diversity , its bound to have a little tiff here and there. Co…

I thought "it" passed away but "it" hasn't!!!!!!

Whoaaa!! Delhi turning into another China???? Economically , there is still way ahead to go but pollution wise , it is surely to catch up very soon!!!! 

When the government is going on with all the permutation and combination by implementing measures such as ban on diesel run cars , the odd even stratigies, taxing old load trucks , I am starting to feel something else we have stopped talking about , Earths devastation!!!!!

2012 was such a scary date sometimes back. And gradually we were indifferent to the fact so much so that it feels now to be the biggest jokes till date!!!!

The scenario around the world is indicating towards a painful end. And nature's fury is constantly making efforts to make a dramatic stage show . Be it the Chennai's flood  or a snowing Rajasthan nearer home , the situations are completely unbelievable.

We shall soon buy fresh air like one of the restaurant in China!!!! 

Soon Gas Mask will be the latest fashion ,isn't it???
Some good news for those boyfrien…

Being Good is really GOOD?????

Hahaha!!! I think I triggered the right button isn't it???? I hope so because it is an issue which should be seriously addressed by all!!!!! 

Let me define a good person's traits according to me. It's all about loving peace the most, I guess. They don't bother others. Does all his or her duties with compassion. Whoa!!!! Who doesn't want such a peaceful life!!!!
        Oh one more thing I forgot , the most important of all , they don't want to associate themselves with anything bad. Good and bad seems like two sides of the river who never  meet each other.

Who wants to get oneself get involved in a police matter , even if someone is dying on the streets. We need to reach early to the office to get the best employee of the year!!! "Have you heard Mrs X about fake products being sold in the so and so market? Of course Mrs Y . You should have told others about it Mrs X. Who cares ? I don't have time for such crap!!"

Aren't we , The Good people respon…

Malnutrition is fashionable now a days!!!!

Some years back if you were speaking about Malnutrition , it was something related to poverty , something about the neglected section of the society. I used to feel ashamed of the fact that my country is sometimes associated by those pictures of undernourished children!!!! 

People feel proud when a celebrity from outside does charity in our country. Its good and I respect those people who think about others without thinking about geographical boundaries. But the fact that we are not able to feed our own children is what baffles me.

The children who are malnutritioned has increased. Don't blame poverty guys!!!! And when I say it has increased, its not because more number of children come from the poor section of society but its something completely different!!! It includes children from higher as well as middle section of the society who are affected by it???? Don't drop your jaws , its a grim reality now!!!!

Its a common habit of mine to ask children whenever I met them that what…

Insanely SIMILAR!!!!!

I know,I know, the word itself baffles most of us!!!! We hate it the most when somebody copies us.

How annoying is the situation when your classmate and u are wearing a similar dress!!! Grrrr....
It feels like almost ending your life or may be the dress itself!!!
You won't believe , once our hostel guard was wearing a dress similar to mine!!! I just hope nobody should be in such a situation. To tell you the truth , I just buried the dress somewhere in the trunk. Oh! My bad luck!!!!

I once so a person wearing a same dress as mine but this time I must tell you it was not an assorted dress but I myself coordinated the jeans with a top that too from two different shop!!!! Oh God! Why I should happen with me?????

People have the habit of copying just everything. They even copy what you eat. Isn't it insane???? I know , some have such low confidence level that they try to make a place for themselves copying others , which is good. Because learning something good is amazing but don't …

My Broken Sandal!!!!

While watching Hindi movies during childhood , what used to strick me the most was the protagonist's sandals with almost a hole!! It speaked a lot , almost announced with a loudspeaker, the sorry stateor sometimes the struggle and effort put on by the person wearing it. 

In one point I almost used to believe that one's hard work can be only measured by the person's tattered sandals!!!! Was I in right state of mind!!!!

In those innocent years who won't believe those heavy duty dialogues with the one and only , the star, I mean the tattered sandal!!! One's inspirational story from rags to riches brings smile to our face!!!

When life is easy , we don't realize its value , but when it's hard , its too late. Of course in the movies it looks funny. We might put a question mark. But in between , we forget that real life inspires reel life.

Everybody has their ups and downs. Sometimes life is so easy and sometimes suffocating!!! Some might be struggling to make their n…

The Dilemma..

It would be apt if I am given the title of "Miss Dilemma"!!!!

I know it's funny but this is the biggest reality of my life!!! What to do???

Its not that its hard for me to make a firm choice but the two situations from which I have to make a choice are both equally important in my life.

One might be the opportunity of the life time and other an unavoidable circumstance!!!! And this happens most of the times with me.

For example you have to make a choice between your semester exams and your dance auditions for which you had been waiting your whole life!!!! Or may be vacations after many years of hard work or your appraisal!!! 

I always try to take the most practical decision which I never regret but sometimes fell sad about those lost opportunities. After all we are all humans. We want everything in our life isn't it???

There isn't any problem taking decisions. I can be ruthless upon myself. The main problem is , it occurs frequently in my life from which I am fed off.


My "ME TIME"...

Some days we are energetic and sometimes we are just a couch potato. We just don't want to do anything on those lazy days. We act grumpy even arrogent some times. Don't want to leave the bed. It feels like we are stuffed inside the bed ,isn't it???

I once visited the docter and the docter made me understand that ,the way we behave is already in our gene. So then I understood that my laziness is because of my crazy gene!!!! But with time I have made myself to work my quotabefore anyone shouts at me to be lazy. So in my bad mood I turn into my earlier self ,lazy gal!!!

Some days back I was just wondering why do I behave like a spoilt kid. After mulling over it I came to the conclusion that it depends on how I start my day.

Now it's a mystery that how a whole day is decided by the way I start my day!!! It's because I am a morning person. I love waking  up in the morning and doing yoga. If I miss those precious time my world is upside down. It energizes me to the fullest …


Don't be judgemental guys but it's true!!!!
No I am not a Christian , Buddhist , Muslim, Jain or anything else but one thing is for sure that my religion is not Hinduism.

 Hold on!Hold on! Before you all think me to be insane I want to make it clear that my religion has no name !!!!  Don't tear away your pillows , but its the truth!!!

The Vedas has no such terms as Hindus or the epics The Ramayan or the Mahabharata has made such references. Its mostly during the 14th C that poets of our country have used this terminology. 

How the word Hindu came into existence is still obscure. Its probably of Persian origin. 

It doesn't make sense why everybody gives names to my country. Like during British rule , they changed it to India!!!

During colonial period , everybody living in India was 
known as a Hindu. It was later on to distinguish themselves that they were divided into Hindus, Buddhist , Jains etc. 

Previously , there were two sects of people , one who followed God Shiva and th…

Now a word is not a word!!!!

Not only fashion , infact every aspect of our life is repeating itself again and again. 

Its a common dialogue by my mom which pisses me off , "oh we have wore such dresses or heels"!!!! Grrrr...

I look at big mobile phones  which no longer  fit on the concept of anything mobile!!!! You can fool a lot due to the mobile (he he he) . People will return to those same old dial phones!!!!

Our way of speaking has undergone a lot of change . It was very fun to know that ,The word of the year is an emoji !!!! It feels like we no longer need words to express ourselves , isnt it??? Making our life easier!!! 

Don't these emojies remind you of something long forgotton???? Think guys. Ok any guesses???

Ok enough of those guessing games....
Its.......the PICTOGRAM ....

The only difference is the 'e' thing.... I mean we use it in computer of course!!!! ( No rocket science...)

What I like about emoji is that they cannot be too offensive. And its touch of innocence is so refr…

Being the first child 2

In my previous post of the same title , I discussed only about the situations we are thrown into. But whatever the situation is , most of the elder kids are protective as well sacrificing type.

Next to parents , it is the elder siblings who takes care of the younger ones. That parental instinct is inborn I think!!!! Taking care when your mother is busy, paying their school fees , asking for a toffee or two instead of change are some of the few things the elders do unknowingly ,isn't it???

However , it is the younger ones because of whome you get an opportunity to act bigger!!! Oh! That feels good!!!! At last someone to boss around.(he he he)

I have seen many a times that elder brother and sister take care of their siblings so much that they even sacrifice leading an easy life. They are more biased towards their siblings than their own children.!!! It is the situation some of us are a witness to it also.... Remember how they would buy presents for you along with their children. Recall…

Paris burning!!!!

Paris burning....
No , the whole world burning!!!
Why so much devastation around??? My heart bleeds in such situation. When will this all stop ever???

The scene seems as if it is repeating again and again.... Feeling like an orphan ,with nobody to protect me!!! Who is responsible for all this things??? Its time we need to know why humanity is scarifed time and again!!!! 

Blood everywhere!!! It looks so scary. 

I think dropping bombs are not what is required. Blood will lead to blood. Instead of killing a handful we should kill its cause . Otherwise again an army of devastation will raise.

I am in loss of words today.

In this time of sorrow and helplessness , may God give you strength and courage to stand against this adverse situation....

We shall shine the brightest!!!!

Happy Diwali to everyone!!!! Oh I love this festival a lot.

For me its all about making rangoli , lighting diyas and making a whole lot of different snacks!!!! Marvelling the bright diyas brings so much joy to me, that I can't explain...

For me, the traditional diyas are a perfect win/win preference than the artificial lights. But I am not complain because everybody has their own rights to celebrate the festival in their own way.

Some play cards , some visit other's house and for some its all about crackers!!!! Busting crackers five days before and after the diwali as well!!!

Diwali as said , is the celebration of good over evil, should be the time to destroy the evilness in us...       
I remember , when I was a kid, I used to pray to God before my running competition , to break the leg of the champion!!!! Oh! its so embarrassing now to talk about it!!! Of course I don't do it now!!! 

And when we are free of these evilness we shall shine the brightest!!!!

I know , these things s…

That's why Malala thanked Emma!!!

I fail to understand , why the word feminism is taken to be pejorative. Standing up for feminisim itself is the first step towards feminism. 

People may say you are free enough to speak then why to stand up against androgenity!!! You are free to dress up , to put your mind across , may be placed high up in the society by yourself , then why so much  chaos!!! Its not about achievements , its about how you have achieved it. Always have the burden of thinking about others before yourself , you even become bad if you don't marry early because you want to fulfill your dreams. A person is not of bad character if she earns her living by venturing out in the darkness and reporting the vices of the society.

I was shocked to see a 21 years old women with wrinkles featuring in an Advt. about women empowerment!!! Isn't it ironic??? Her wrinkles speaks a lot about her struggle!!!

More than speaking about ourselves , it is our responsibility to speak about the disadvantaged one , who might be …

Last minute shopping.....Oh hell!!!

 It is the biggest nightmare to happen to anybody. Shopping at death hours is like hell!!!! You can be on the either side of the see-saw , either you shall get a super cool deal or a bangger!!! 

Some do it intentionally and some because they are just unlucky.
If you had been unable to get a shopping date early on then here are some pointers you should keep in mind: 1) Never get into an illusion of super sale because you can get on a good or bad deal.

            2) All have a pre-concived idea about what you want before going to shopping.

            3) Don't get disillusioned by what your friend brought because I might not suit you.

            4) Don't follow fashion blindly. You will look the best  in what you are confident in.

If due to lack of time , you just brought what was looking good on maniqquine , then you are in big trouble!!!!

Sometimes you are in a situation that , you brought a dress and the moment you unpack it , it looks so banal. But don't loose heart , you can…

Another year ends!!!

It is correctly said , "time flies by"!!! Another year coming to an end. We have grown our experience for another year , isn't it??? ( it is better than saying growing old!!!!).

Well , everybody has their on perspective. Some grow sadder and some are happy. Rather than be sad , just enjoy it, as in no way you well be able to change it!!!

Some might have reached their goal , some on their way , some might plan it for the next year and some not even given it a thought. Mine was not so fruitful but still I have not lost hope as well. Every work of mine moves at a slow pace. Dodging even in the middle, compelling me to choose a path between two most important things of my life. And taking the longest of time to be fulfilled!!! But still I am hell bent to achive it. This is the only goal left in my life.

My story is on the sadder side , so let's leave it behind now and move ahead , what say??? Oh wait ,how can I forget the most incredible thing I started doing  this year?? M…

Polygamy is good!!!.....err what????

Well, this is what studies by some individual bodies has found out!!!!

I mean , seriously???? Absolutely meaningless!!!

OK , without being personal I shall describe the reason for this statement. They say that , those who practice polygamy lead a wealthy as well as healthy life !! I am going nuts already!!! They studied that people practicing it has more wealth like land, husbandry etc. And are leading a healthier life as well!!!!

If a family in a drought affected area too practices such thing , will they achieve similar result??? Even with acre and acre of land too , the the result will be only hunger and nothing else.

This is our progress report!!! How much educated the society becomes but it is always to square one , I.e, they want many wives!!!! We reached the moon , we are making automated houses but at the end we want many wives!!!!

The question is not about being Feminist or Marxist , but is it fair to practice such things??? If you want to give equal rights to everybody then why no…

Being the first child...

If you are the first child of the house , you might either be lucky or the most disadvantaged one of the
house!!!! Remember the beatings you would get from your mother during your study time. You have to sleep in time and blah blah....  You have to maintain so much discipline most of the time.

And as time flies by and with the addition of your smaller siblings , everything is loosened up!!!! You might think that , this time your sibling will definitely get a beating , and they are left with a momentary warning!!!! I mean , what the heck ????

You would complain even against your sibling for messing with the new paint but nobody cares about but instead you would get a scolding for not being responsible!!!! And you think that your world has turned upside down.....

And if they have reached up to your waist , you are almost deprived of your dear personal space. And if they no your secret then nobody can save you from their wrath!!!!

Remember the added responsibility you have or you have felt fo…

Being civilized!!!!

Early morning waking up and doing exercises of your choice or just relaxing on the bed with your favourite tea or coffee while listening to your favourite music or just having a date with your newspaper is the ultimate way you want your day to start , isn't it????

Your day goes as you might have started your early morning, most of the times. Who wants a leaky washroom or your inquisitive neighbours banging on the door to enquire about the new washing machine you brought home in the night!!! This all is enough to trigger you off , isn't it??? And its time to refresh yourself a bit. Maybe a good music can do the trick!!!! Or a long drive in your car or might be just a chilled ice cream from your fridge!!!

We all have our little tricks to calm ourselves down isn't it??? Otherwise life would have been a hell !!!!

I remember whenever we were kids and we used to fight or just talk loudly our elders used to say not to behave like people from the slum , who always fight and act noisy…

When running out of ideas.....

This might be the worst nightmare for any blogger , isn't it????  Well , a 9 to 5 job might give you some rest after a hard day but for bloggers its a 24/7 situation!!!! 

Well don't think that I am anywhere saved by such situation  but the truth is I was facing the situation  a few minutes ago!!!! And the next moment you are frantically search for a topic isn't it???

Sometimes the situation is so bad that we might end 
up plagiarizing even!!!! I think this is the worst thing that can happen to a creative person!!! Of course every bodies reaction is obvious but we cannot deny the inner dilemma . Nobody can deny the inspiration we take from others , when everything around us is for us to take inspiration from , isn't it?

But what I have learned about from the experience is, when in anxiety , I think the best thing to do is relax... Just do what you like the most. Isn't it the most easiest thing to do???? The idea is to stay relaxed . And the mind will automatically burst…

my first hairstyle!!!

Well ,remember when we were kids , father or any male member of the family accompanied or rather we accompanied to get a haircut. Oh I still remember the chair way too high with an adjustable neck rest!!!You just need to sit there and the barber shall chop off your hair in the one and only haircut "the boy cut".....You would not even know if any other style exist in the world. Wait....wait , how can I forget the father of all haircuts !!!! Any guesses guys???? Absolutely!!! Bald.... Come summer and almost every other child is spotting this style!!!!

  When  you grow older you are made to believe that we have grown special and Beauty parlour is your only destination. No more handling by men. The first time I felt that I grew old was when I first went to a beauty Parlour!!!! It feels so special. Now you get a new partner, it is your own mother. She instructs the beautician to give you a particular cut and you suddenly feel like a princes. At least you have achieved the attentio…

oh!! Mother...

My mother had been always been a perfectionist unlike my father. I remember ,she carrying a basket for whoever little one was there in the house, be it my younger sis or bro. It was like a magic box. You can find everything needed for infants. 

I loved watching her doing all the chores when I was a kid. I felt as if I was seeing an angel, the most beautiful woman in the Earth!!!!

I loved helping her out, in whatever little way may be. I felt like it was my duty to protect her...Seriously!!! 

I feel blessed now to have her in my life...

But everybody don't have such previlage I guess!!! This time we were travelling by train and it is almost one and a half day journey. The family sitting with us had a almost 2 months baby. Ours was like 2 nights journey. And those two nights were horrible. The child used to cry during night time. His mother was not that friendlier but the father told that it was a routine duty of the child to cry in the night. What!!!!
What to do ??? It was our bad luck …

6th sense!!!

The most gifted are those who posses extra qualities within them. And one among those many qualities is the 6th sense.

Have you ever come across such people or may be someone close to you??? It always fascinates me. Its kind of weired but useful I guess!!!

Yesterday,I was watching a real crime investigation where a girl is being brutally murdered. She was with her friend, after getting heavily drunk she goes to a party where she happens to meet her ex boyfriend. She was verbal with him as well as slapped him. Later on she was driven away from the party for creating nuisance. Her friend makes her go by herself in a taxi and directs the taxi driver to the address. Her friend feels a little uncomfortable and notes the number of the car. After sometime she phones her friend and finds out that the driver has gone to the room to leave her and she hears the voice of other man in the room. She warns the driver to go away from the room and she will be reaching after sometime. But the next news s…

Who gave me my freedom????

Oh!!! Freedom , the most important aspect of our lives, isn't it. We shall fight for it , till we have it.

Freedom has different meaning for different individual. Somewhere it is freedom to live you own life on your own terms while for some it might be freedom to choose the college of your choice. Anyways, in both the cases it has the at most importance. And get it , we need to stand for it.

May be you didn't need to fight for it, but you of course might have to even let  your priorities known. And that is the defination of your fight.

In my country , it's a day to day activity for people like us. You have to fight for whatever choices we make for your own life. And the first fight starts in our own backyard.

My country's fight for freedom facinates me the most. I am sometimes let with so many unanswered questions!!!! India's freedom struggle is an example to everyone. The one and only country to have got its freedom by non-violence. It shook the mighty British empire …

skipped my dinner!!!

It is absolutely not a part of some insane diet plan for sure!!! This is what I and my brother doing for the past 2 3 days. 

This idea came out more of a necessecity than anything else. With temperature increasing day by day , it is difficulty to make food in the night. I sweat like hell ,seriously!!! So the routine was an added relief to me. And yes , my bro is very adjusting as well.

Once in the evening having a heavy supper, it almost
felt full. So there was no need to have dinner. And now we are enjoying it!!!

It is always said that , it is good to take your dinner early before sleeping, so it almost fits the bill.

When we go to our village, it is a common practice to eat their dinner by 7 or 7:30 and enjoy a long beautiful sleep. I know, you might be arguing that after all its only a country side. I totally agree but have you ever thought that why we eat late. Its because we work late. And how do we work late ? Its because of the electricity. No rocket science , of course.

Earlier peop…

Happy Durga puja....

There is already the smell of festivity in the air. Oh!! It feels so exciting. It all starts with the Ganesh puja. Of course he is the first to be prayed before everyone. And come October its the Durga puja which I love the most. It feels nostalgic because wonderful memories of the childhood is attached to it. Days of preparations goes into it!!! What clothes to wear is of course the most important of the task. I completely have faith in my mother. She does all the shopping. Our taste actually matches. With family reunion in my mother's side I always look forward to. All the cousins come together,its a blast.

Besides all the enjoyment , the most I look forward to is the festival itself. The ten day affair is amazing. Have you every thought about the question that why it was only a female Goddess was chosen to put an end to such a dreaded monster? Any guesses??? Well the reason is, the demon never anticipated that a women can kill him. The most silly mistake he made ,I guess!!!  Wel…

Wow!!! I saved some time..

On the previous post I promised some photos from the journey but sorry , the problem still persists so I won't be able to upload them... Apologies, but I can share some of the experiences of the journey instead. 

It was a very hectic short trip where I had to attend the festival as well as update my documents. The extended office holiday was driving me crazy. Time is precious for everyone isn't it. So a few tricks can go a lot of good to you what say???

Long time back when I was moving away from my home I took away all my original documents with me. I made sure that I leave a set of xerox of all my documents back. So on this trip it worked as a saviour. When I needed any certificate I just pulled one from the set and I was sorted.

I always keep my identity card and some passport size photo with me. Well you never know when they might come handy.

A small purse doesn't suit me. I love carrying a big tote fully armed but I hate it when others dump all their belonging into my bag!…

Been to my village!!!

Oh God had been a great trip to my village. It was so refreshing , a round of detox session I guess!!!! And I was stranded of my net connection as well.... But no complaining I was a little break for me as well!!! I got to catch up with some uninterrupted sleep after a long time. I know I am trying to get acquaint with my new place guys!!!!
I had gone to attend "NUAKHAI" guys. Its like a harvesting festival , where we thank God as well as our ancestors for blessing us and proving with an awesome harvest!!!! Its like the starting of a new year I guess....

It is a sort of a small family reunion as well. Of course , everybody have moved to the city to earn some big bucks. But still I like the quiteness of the country side... Its like connecting with your soul!!!!

In India alone it is known by many names like Pongal, Baisakhi, etc. It depends on different region.

I am sure you all might be celebrating such festivals on your country side. Do share it with us. It will be awesome....

I …


Its almost an extended summer this year. Blazing and scorching everything on Earth. Its September already and its seems like may. It is really unbelievable!!! I know rain season seems a little hoch-poch to some but it has its own beauty. It might be a little straineous when outside but sitting by the window and sipping a cup of coffee is really wonderful. Practically too, we get our food due to rain guys!!!!

I remember, when we were kids and we used to visit our aunts place during dussera, it was so much fun. Visiting various puja pandal wearing new clothes is what we all carved for through the year. We used to become angry because our new clothes used to get hide under the sweater!!! Yes, it used to be so colder at that time that ,shedding the sweater was an absolutely bad option. Now such a thing is the thing of the past. Now going on a sweater shopping spear is a total waste. 

Now I think that rainy season too shall be out of the calender very soon... Half of the year has already tur…


 In today's world the most monsterious one could think off are the machines. I remember when I was a kid, the sight of an approaching truck used to seem to me as a big monster with a flaring eyes and nose!!!! It was like , coming to grab hold of me or eat me up!!!!

I think there are generally two types of monsters. The one which runs a chill through your spine and the other are the one which are ugly and you hate them the most. While living in a city like Mumbai there might be so many monsters which can fall in the second category but the commenest of all is its traffic!!!! It feels like we live on roads!!! Now common don't say that half of your time is not wasted commuting. And to make matter worse is the weather!!! You end up almost like a roasted chicken!!!

Government is on its way to rescue us. There is a proposal to start an altogether new bus corridor. Isn't it sounds interesting. This move shall surely help to reduce traffic congestion a bit. But still I doubt if it w…

Marraige party.....

I might sound boring but what is true is true!!! I literally hate one of those parties.... I think, I don't fit into any category on the type of person present in the party. Well what I can say confidently that I am a active observer and I enjoy sitting in a small corner of my own and observing everyone. What I hate the most is the unnecessary attention you attract towards yourself. I guess, I am more on the shy side...  Anyways, let me take you on this journey, which I would like you to be a part of!!!  I hope you shall enjoy it the most....

The main center of attraction is The Bride , obviously. I wonder, who the bride saves herself from so many piearing eyes!!! It might be making them concious and shy as well. Its good because it adds to their beauty isn't it???  Well, some brides may be loving all the attention, after all , they are the star of the show isn't it???? I am the one always at their service, in case one needs one.

The next one are the bride's sister/s....…


The world is turning into a scary place. This have turned into a grim reality which cannot be ignored any further . The scene seems to be straight out of a sci- fi movie where the world is about to end and people in a bid to avoid it undertake a mass movement . It is being said that ,after World war2 this is one such immigration we are experiencing!!!!

 It took another disturbing picture of a child to rock the world back to its senses and realise that this problem is much bigger than what was thought of..

In this war of taking hold of the power , people have stopped realizing that all one wants is peace and prosperity around. A big revolution is not possible without the masses consent because it is for the mass you are taking such steps. One thing should be taken into consideration that constant fear leads to fearlessness and the bomb is ticking to go off at any moment.

My heart goes to them who are the unnecessary sufferers .

            GOD BLESS EVERYONE....

Behave cynical!!!!

World have changed for good in number of ways. Now we can connect with a lot of people....of course virtually!!! zoom around the world faster, learn a new trait sitting right in your own vicinity and the list is endless isn't it???  World was never so fast and facinating. The world has become friendlier . There is no difference between class, sex,religion,creed. We fell like one big community at least virtually!!!

While the virtual space presents a glossy picture but the reality is something different. Turn the news channel or read a news paper, the scenario is completely opposite. The barbarious face of vice is unimaginable isn't it??? I doubt whether we have a future or not. Or it is the sign of the end of the world.

Well, this is something very serious. The more I think about it the more I fell chocked up. So I have started to follow the theory of denial in some sorts!!!!

Some people think that cartoons which were shown earlier was dillusioning children and now the shows are f…

Nothing Governmental about it!!!!!

Our obsession with getting selected in a government medical college is a pride for everyone. Every other parent wants his or her child becomes a docter. And ones a child gets through it ,his family is the talk of the town. More than the child it is the parents who are the most enthusiastic ones. After all the students needs to catch up some sleep isn't it!!!

The parents get the previlage to intrigue other parents about their child. If they are kind enough , they may congratulate others achievement but if not they don't leave a stone unturned to show them their place. If somebody even got through a private medical college then obviously the hell went loose. Well obviously, in a government college, their child is assured of a better study environtent and a job surety in the future. In the area of fees the story is different, where it is almost the same in comparison to private colleges . Earlier the fees was lesser than the private institute. Why?? Oh come on the government paid …


Well the title might be a heavy duty dialogue and I am sure today's topic is as serious as it is....

Whether it is a television , a radio , street side hoarding and of course the net, we come across a number of commercials. Some may influence you and some may trigger anger but we cannot deny that they are the biggest influencers!!!! Billions of money is spent towards it , sometimes unthinkable.

When coming to me I might not get influenced but it makes me aware of a certain product or service. And if I need it I make it a point to do my research before buying anything... sounds like I am a great scientist!!!!  Anyways, the point is everybody is not like me. Each have their own choice isn't it???

I remember my brother was once very much influenced by a product which could make people fat. Yes, he hated being a thin one!!!! We tried talking to him that it is a waste. Better try some home remedies and improve your eating habits but it was falling on deaf ears.. Some we gave him what …

Its in their gene.....

I wonder how we may come across so important a thing when we thought  a medium to be banel. 

Sometimes it so happens that you get to learn something from your younger lots. I many a times faced such a situation where I might be examining my younger sibling will I myself don't have a clue about it. Earlier it was very embarrassing to accept but now I make sure to accept my ignorance in such a situation. Well enough of self-effacing!!!! The main point is knowledge is such vast that this lifetime is too short to acquire it!!!! So whatever medium we get we should grab the opportunity to a acquire knowledge.

I never in my entire life have thought that a work or a
study stream is lower to one another. So after somehow completing my enginnering when I decided to do masters in English I was very happy. It was the first time when I was doing something to satisfy myself not others. So while studying about American literature I came across a very interesting fact. BERING LAND BRIDGE was the pie…

A womb at rent....

Each scientific invention is for the betterment of humankind. But the only concern is that people mostly use it in wrong way.... 

 For childless couples it was a boon when child through sperm donation was discovered. How can women be left behind?? They too started contributing through surrogacy. But donating sperms is lot easier than bearing a child isnt it?? But still it was a ray of hope for some. I salute those brave hearts who help others in such noble way.

 India is said to be in an estimate of $400 millon plus in this bussiness.. its staggering isn't it.... While it is a ray of hope for some and for some it has become an income source. It was an heart wrenching story when a grandmother gave birth to her own grandchild through surrogacy!!! The news made international waves and put Anand,a small town in Gujarat,India, in the world map. Now many a surrogate mothers are helping people from India and mostly foreign nationals with this effort.

What baffles my mind is the their are no…


This is the most fascinated part of our lives. Everybody has a dream to become something or the other in the later part of their lives isn't it??? Some may concentrate in single mindedness to archive it and some think it to be mere dream to become a reality ever!!!

Some of them who are dedicated to follow their dreams might reach their desired destination and some may succumb to the pressure and might change their path altogether.

This was the most common of dreams we come across. The type of dream I was talking about was the dream we see while we are awake isn't it. Dream seen through open eyes, which we are so sure about.

But the most fascinating one are those which we are most of the time unable to comprehend!!! For some it is irrelevant and for some they have become the most relevant thing ,due to which we as human being have reached so far. Remember howMathematician Srinivasan Ramanujangave so many mathematical formulae... Yes, it was after awaking from sleep or how Newton d…

A trip to mars.....yippeee...

My father makes it a point to take us to new places. It is not only us but the guest as well who visit us. So we end up making a trip to a similar place note than once. I think most of our guest visit us for this single reason!!!! And as my father's job was a transferable one so every time we had a new place to serve on the platter. While I love exploring different places what annoys me the lot is that my father makes us like a roasted nut my making us visit a lot of places on a single day. And as the trip ends we are not mor than zombies....seriously!!!! When their is no more energy left on our way back home, my father is the only one beaming with energy. He is like a super jet always ready to pounce on any discussion for endless time period.... He has a character of a type. He is a type of person who an sleep all through the holiday and I can challenge nobody can restrain him from make him do anything else but if he wants to do something he will do in a flash without any bodies …

Toilet etiquettes..... err..what????

Life comes a full circle reaches where you started ....I felt ashamed of the fact when I came to know about the steps taken by the Swiss railways to teach people from the asian region and the middle east about how to relive ourselves in their abode!!!! Well everyone knows that Indians ,when they come to cleanliness are nuts but the whole Asian community included in the category was something of a shock,yes seriously!!!! We Indian have started the campaign of making people aware of the importance
of owning a toilet only now,so it becomes obvious that knowing toilet etiquettes,that too western is a far away dream. But what makes me bewildered is at the fact that the class of people which I have said about above don't make a casual trip to foreign land . It is mostly the higher class people who might make several trips in a year and the other are those middle class ones who might plan a lifetime for a foreign trip, saving meticulously their entire life. The higher class people …