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Experiencing NATURE on the 7th floor!!!!!

When someone moves from a small to a big city there are a lot of changes one has to face.

Some are good and some troubles us a lot.
Its like the two sides of a coin. Still somehow we learn to adapt slowly.

 Its said that you turn blind when you are in love. And if you love your work and are passionate about it , you turn blind to all the difficulties which comes with it. We even search goodness out of all the negativity around us , isn't it???

I never thought I will be able to experience nature from so close a distance!!!!

I remember going to my grandparent's place during childhood. The house is a little big in height. There are some earthen pots hanging from the top most part of the house. It was for the pigeons!!!
  Now there are no more pigeons but those earthen pots still hangs down , deserted.

Now I live in a big city , on the 7th floor.  The windows are grilled such that it creates some extra space as well.
If you look around you will find a lot of pigeons everywhere sitting on …

yeah!!!! It's holi tomorrow.

HOLI, every bodies favourite is back this year!!!!

Sounds like a superstar entry ,isn't it????
Of course its a superstar amongst all the festivals ,liked by everyone who knows about it.

I like the shiny and bright colours .
We would compete with each other about who have been colored the most.
Its fun to identify a person through an almost unrecognisable face...

Come festival and we as a childrend would make many a rounds to the kichen. The smell coming out of the kitchen would make you completely insane. Absolutely love sitting with everyone in the house and enjoying the feast.

When we grow old situations don't remain the same. We move along where our work takes us. Those big families are like a situation from a story book. We make friends along and that is what now makes a family.
 Well the situation might have changed but its the same HOLI.
 Now its like enjoying it with your friends, colleagues and associate.

Lets enjoy this festival of COLOURS this year in a responsible way.

Do not …


Yes its a news to celebrate!!!!

 There are some graphs which shows linear progression and some showing regression .
They both can be a moment of joy or a matter of worry depending on the matter of discourse.

 OK enough of statistics!!!!

I am actually talking about the graph of carbon dioxide emission worldwide.
It is showing a constant picture for the past two years.
Isn't it amazing!!!!
Thanks to two biggest economies America and China for their effort.

Its like music to ears when there is so much negativity around ,isn't it???

It takes seconds to destroy everything but a lot of effort and time for something good and constructive.

Let's contribute further individually in our own little yet significant way to make a better world and gift it to the future generations !!!

Why lament the 'NIGHT'!!!!

Have you experienced sleeping under starry sky??? It feels so wonderful.

I remember during childhood when we used to go to our village , we used to sleep under open sky to beat the heat.
I used to look endlessly at the sky before going into a deep and peaceful slumber. 
Oh!! Feeling hopelessly nostalgic!!!

 If you read the poems of the Romantic period, the moonlit sky and the beauty surrounding shall engulf you!!!!

More than the daytime , which is chaotic,it is the night which gives you a much needed peace.

I know it might sound weird but I love sleeping in a completely dark room, where there is no difference whether I am opening my eyes or not.
It feels like there is nothing to worry about!!!
Its me and only me.

Its like a little escape paradise sort of thing , where you leave behind all your worries!!!

My heart aches when people associate the 'Night' with all the wrongdoing.
 I don't deny the fact that people use darkness for all the wrongdoings but its the people and not the darkn…

Some SIGNS we should understand!!!!

Our family,friends,colleague & our enemy are the ones who constitute our world.

Family,friends are our support system.
Enemy is the one who drive us to be better.
And colleague can be support staff or an alarm bell ,with whome we always compete, and share a sweet and sour relationship.

We master in our own way to manage every aspect of our lives and the people who are related to us but yet sometimes we lag behind.

Every relation has different equation.

Obviously ,we understand what is expected from a person but sometimes it becomes difficult to interpret a person's thought. 
      Sometimes it becomes necessary to understand which is not spoken off, especially in case of a dear ones!!!!

I know manners vary from person to person but there are some traits which are almost universal and can be discussed.

Have you every notice an abrupt change in mood from normal to anger in your loved ones. It is like flipping a coin. A minute ago they might be happy and fooling around and after a few min…

A tribute this Women's Day.

Oh yes!!! 
Taking my love for Books further ,I would like to show my gratitute to those inspiring women writers, who have touched my life in some way or the other.

Think about short stories,diary writing or poems...... and Women Writers are never behind.
It has been a matter of great discourse that Women writers are only masters on these genre!!!

I would like to take it as a compliment !!!!

Well don't start gnaring at me . I have my reasons ready to justify it!!!!

OK, we all know that women mostly are the most emotive of all, isn't it???
Then who will not like to pour out all those emotions directly and keeping it short ,without being verbose!!!!

And if still it leaves anyone with doubt , we have writers like George Eliot , Jane Austen or even Anita desai more nearer home ,to name a few.
     Who can ever forget the village in" The Middlemarch" , which almost made me confused that whether actually that place exists!!!

I think the trend continues ,were women had pioneered in th…

Books!!! My all time friend.

Yes it is!!!
Books from the start has been my BFF.
Its like a travel through another dimension.

I was going through some blogs and their engagement with books ignited me and could not go ahead without discussing about it!!!!
It was like eating me up without keeping my mind across.

I fell very special when I go to the book shop. Like something to be proud about. Its like a different world !!!

If you are going to have some long lonely hours or just need a break from constantly glaring to the screen, the book really comes in handy.

I don't know when I got into books. The word Library in the timetable absolutely left me thrilled during childhood.

You might be scared about many a things but not with the one which you love doing ,isn't it???

I would sneak alone into the library without my friends and it never bothered me.
Its like me alone with a sea of books!!!!
It used to be interesting going through the racks of story books with each one luring you with interesting calligraphy!!!!

I remember…