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My Last post of the YEAR...

Whoa!!! The year almost ending in few minutes time!!!

Everybody is in party mood and the atmosphere so lively around, it feels so wonderful. We went through so much this going year but we as a human being always some way or the other find ways to remain happy no matter how much difficult the situation be. Hats off to the spirit of humankind!!!

I wanted to sign off this year's post some how or the other without making it boaring by discussing something very intense and spoiling the party mood!!! 
But the ghost of a responsible citizen inside me will never make me sleep peacefully!!!!

Let me ask you a simple question , why do we party????
Well !!! to make ourselves happy might be the simple motive,isn't it????

And when I say by making simple changes in our lives and being more responsible serves us the same purpose and can make us even more happy for a longer period of time!!!!

There are a lot of problems in today's world and somehow we need to solve it.  Countries are co…

Pure Love!!!!!

I just saw Frozen in TV and was surprised or rather happy to see the love between the siblings shared in the story. It's really a brave attempt my the makers to show a true love story other than the conventional one shown in the movies!!!! 
 Even a movie for kids don't have apt story for kids. Most of the fairytale stories revolves around finding their partners!!! Kids of that age don't think about those things!!! 

Love has no boundaries. One can have love for his or her's family , or one's profession.

Having a family behind you is the most magical thing you can have in your entire life. Sometimes we don't give importance to the things around us instead we run and ponder about the things which are not with us ,isn't it???!!!!

There are thousands of children who are deprived of their parents love. Leading a life in an orphanage might be very scary!!!! Rather than cursing the parents who abandoned them to lead a lonely life I would love to talk about those angels…

You start somewhere and reach somewhere!!!!

Life is so mystic,isn't it? Never fails to surprise you!!!!
   Sometimes you sail along with it and sometimes just go round and round with its created whirlpool.... Everybody wants their share of joy , success and satisfaction. And they don't come alone. With them comes sorrow , failures as well as dissatisfaction.

 When you are dissatisfied with your life , there comes a point when you reach a saturation level. At that moment you just want to break away from the situation. If you have your family behind you then life becomes easier a bit. You gather all your courage and start something afresh. 

After so much failure you just hate everything and at that point starting anything new is the bravest thing you do in your life. It is because the first hurdle is you yourself and overcoming is like half the battle won.

Rather then having pressure , you enjoy your work and that is the only reason you succeed in it. Your selflessness leads you to your success!!!! 

There are so many person wh…

Not easy to please everyone at the same time!!!

Life is one but we have so many things to do and to keep everyone happy is one hell of a task. 


Your intensions might be good but sometimes it misfires!!!!! Can land you in deeper trouble even. Think if you have to take care of your in-laws along with your own parents!!! Its absolute mayhem!!! You feel like pulling your hair!!!! 
Oh! Pathetic....

You cannot satisfy ever palate in the breakfast table. You bring something for your siblings and each one wants the others present!!!!

Life is so harsh that you have to be equally harsh to choose between two important things in the same time , which happens with me a lot!!!!

Sometimes it so happens that to succeed in making everyone happy but you have to pay the price by sacrifying your own stance. And one day you feel lost and remain like just another face.

Our country is going through a lot of change lately. With the second largest population in the world and so much religious diversity , its bound to have a little tiff here and there. Co…

I thought "it" passed away but "it" hasn't!!!!!!

Whoaaa!! Delhi turning into another China???? Economically , there is still way ahead to go but pollution wise , it is surely to catch up very soon!!!! 

When the government is going on with all the permutation and combination by implementing measures such as ban on diesel run cars , the odd even stratigies, taxing old load trucks , I am starting to feel something else we have stopped talking about , Earths devastation!!!!!

2012 was such a scary date sometimes back. And gradually we were indifferent to the fact so much so that it feels now to be the biggest jokes till date!!!!

The scenario around the world is indicating towards a painful end. And nature's fury is constantly making efforts to make a dramatic stage show . Be it the Chennai's flood  or a snowing Rajasthan nearer home , the situations are completely unbelievable.

We shall soon buy fresh air like one of the restaurant in China!!!! 

Soon Gas Mask will be the latest fashion ,isn't it???
Some good news for those boyfrien…

Being Good is really GOOD?????

Hahaha!!! I think I triggered the right button isn't it???? I hope so because it is an issue which should be seriously addressed by all!!!!! 

Let me define a good person's traits according to me. It's all about loving peace the most, I guess. They don't bother others. Does all his or her duties with compassion. Whoa!!!! Who doesn't want such a peaceful life!!!!
        Oh one more thing I forgot , the most important of all , they don't want to associate themselves with anything bad. Good and bad seems like two sides of the river who never  meet each other.

Who wants to get oneself get involved in a police matter , even if someone is dying on the streets. We need to reach early to the office to get the best employee of the year!!! "Have you heard Mrs X about fake products being sold in the so and so market? Of course Mrs Y . You should have told others about it Mrs X. Who cares ? I don't have time for such crap!!"

Aren't we , The Good people respon…

Malnutrition is fashionable now a days!!!!

Some years back if you were speaking about Malnutrition , it was something related to poverty , something about the neglected section of the society. I used to feel ashamed of the fact that my country is sometimes associated by those pictures of undernourished children!!!! 

People feel proud when a celebrity from outside does charity in our country. Its good and I respect those people who think about others without thinking about geographical boundaries. But the fact that we are not able to feed our own children is what baffles me.

The children who are malnutritioned has increased. Don't blame poverty guys!!!! And when I say it has increased, its not because more number of children come from the poor section of society but its something completely different!!! It includes children from higher as well as middle section of the society who are affected by it???? Don't drop your jaws , its a grim reality now!!!!

Its a common habit of mine to ask children whenever I met them that what…

Insanely SIMILAR!!!!!

I know,I know, the word itself baffles most of us!!!! We hate it the most when somebody copies us.

How annoying is the situation when your classmate and u are wearing a similar dress!!! Grrrr....
It feels like almost ending your life or may be the dress itself!!!
You won't believe , once our hostel guard was wearing a dress similar to mine!!! I just hope nobody should be in such a situation. To tell you the truth , I just buried the dress somewhere in the trunk. Oh! My bad luck!!!!

I once so a person wearing a same dress as mine but this time I must tell you it was not an assorted dress but I myself coordinated the jeans with a top that too from two different shop!!!! Oh God! Why I should happen with me?????

People have the habit of copying just everything. They even copy what you eat. Isn't it insane???? I know , some have such low confidence level that they try to make a place for themselves copying others , which is good. Because learning something good is amazing but don't …

My Broken Sandal!!!!

While watching Hindi movies during childhood , what used to strick me the most was the protagonist's sandals with almost a hole!! It speaked a lot , almost announced with a loudspeaker, the sorry stateor sometimes the struggle and effort put on by the person wearing it. 

In one point I almost used to believe that one's hard work can be only measured by the person's tattered sandals!!!! Was I in right state of mind!!!!

In those innocent years who won't believe those heavy duty dialogues with the one and only , the star, I mean the tattered sandal!!! One's inspirational story from rags to riches brings smile to our face!!!

When life is easy , we don't realize its value , but when it's hard , its too late. Of course in the movies it looks funny. We might put a question mark. But in between , we forget that real life inspires reel life.

Everybody has their ups and downs. Sometimes life is so easy and sometimes suffocating!!! Some might be struggling to make their n…

The Dilemma..

It would be apt if I am given the title of "Miss Dilemma"!!!!

I know it's funny but this is the biggest reality of my life!!! What to do???

Its not that its hard for me to make a firm choice but the two situations from which I have to make a choice are both equally important in my life.

One might be the opportunity of the life time and other an unavoidable circumstance!!!! And this happens most of the times with me.

For example you have to make a choice between your semester exams and your dance auditions for which you had been waiting your whole life!!!! Or may be vacations after many years of hard work or your appraisal!!! 

I always try to take the most practical decision which I never regret but sometimes fell sad about those lost opportunities. After all we are all humans. We want everything in our life isn't it???

There isn't any problem taking decisions. I can be ruthless upon myself. The main problem is , it occurs frequently in my life from which I am fed off.