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Its easier to get Angry!!!

Every individual has his/her own way of dealing with their own emotions.
     Some carry their emotions on their sleeves and some keep their emotions to themselves.

We encounter different type of people in our day to day lives. People who keep everyone entertained around them , is loved by all . Except those grumpy ones, I guess!!!(he he)

There are some type of people who are very determined and hard working, making those lazy around them to buck-up!!!

Every emotion is infectious.
But the most destructive of all is anger,isn't it???
It might harm others or the person itself.

It is better to control it ,than to be controlled by it!!!

My mother has a very unique way of reacting , when she is angry.
It was nightmare , when I was a kid!!!
She would simple not speak to me, when she used to be angry!!!
And it was the most enduring thing for me.
After that I would try every possible way to never to repeat the mistake.
I think silence is the best way to tackle anger and the most hardest too!!!

I think …

Happy Birthday to my BLOG!!!

We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we miss acknowledging and thanking, for all the comfort and support we get get from people or things around us!!!

In today's world were we get everything so affordably and easily,its hard to realise how easy our life has become.
 Once we are away from a person , thing, place, or the most important 'time', only then we know there worth!!!

I am very particular about creating minimum wastage of everything , especially the natural resourses available to me. 
     And I am actually proud of!!!
But recently , after experiencing shortage of water for a few days, I think I can use it more smartly and can cut a little more on water wastage..

We are very casual about people around us.
The time I am leaving now is very hard and a period of struggle.
      And I know that this is the time which is going to build me and my family.
       We as a family are fighting all odds and fighting the harsh situations.
      Sometimes we fight , get irritated with…

RELAX...No big deal growing old!!!

The commenest amongst all the worries... .GROWING OLD!!!!!

Oh my God my wrinkles are showing!!!

Its difficult to pick up things from the floor ,now a days.

Oh I am loosing sight due to my age!!!

Its a never ending list regarding problems related to growing age.
We equally put an effort to either prepare for it or to hide it effortlessly, isn't it???

Start using so and so cream, you have approached 30!!

I don't go out now a days because its difficult to keep up...

My teeth are not strong enough for those food!!!
And the list is endless as well...

I happen to see the picture of a 60 year old model a few days back and was astonished!!
That made me wonder, whether Old age is a myth!!!

We have unnecessarily trapped over selves under a preconceived idea of dividing and living according to 

Remember , we start ageing from the day we are born. 
   Its all mind's game.

People earlier use to live a lot longer.
And gradually the minimum life expectancy of human beings, is decreasing.
I agree to…

Coming face to face with Disaster!!!

Life is full of unexpected events.
Some gives joy and some are disturbing as well, like the two sides of a coin.

A few days back, there broke out a fire nearby!!!
The building is a few meters from our building.

By Gods grace there were no casualties of life because people acted very fast and the fire brigade was quick to respond.

I went blank during the initial seconds but controlled 
myself afterwords.
   After making a few important calls ,I started packing our belongings, in case we had to make an emergency exits!!!!

It was all about important papers and some pair of clothes , my ATM card and money .

Helped an old lady to make calls to her family members because she seemed a little distured!!!

It was not necessary for our evacuation but those moments of 2 or 3 hours will take a while to go down.

The point is to never loose hope and holding our nerves , in the time of extreme situations.
I know there are lot bigger incidents happen around the world than this, but one thing is for sure, we human…

Bored anyone!!!

Last week was so hectic because of exams that I was starting to feel a little bored!!!

Sometimes it so happens that we are so tensed because of a situation and thinking about the same thing 24/7 that , we start feeling bored.

To break the monotony, I thought let do something new. 
I watched some videos related to Origami. 
They were so interesting.

I remember doing it when I was in school.
I was so astonished to see its evolution over years!!!

During our time, we used to make some basic things.

It really inspired me to a lot.
I am definitely going to learn it further!!!

Knowledge is so vast and is constantly evolving that,
Who has the time to get bored???
Try something new to learn or revive your knowledge , what you have learned back.

It may not be a money back trait but still have the capacity to fill your heart with joy.

Give it a try!!!!

United we stand , Divided we fall!!!

It's so true???
Nothing can be more apt than this Title , for the post!!!

United we Stand ,Divided we Fall!!!

Feminists has been laughed about by the contemporaries, when their aim and reason for the struggle is asked about!!!

Feminist has fought the longest battle and still fighting.

The reason has varied across ages.
It can be either said that , Feminists are never satisfied or the oppressor comes up with new technics every time.

They can say that it lacks unity sometimes which leads to its downfall.

Whatever may be the reason earlier , but this time around there is one reason which nobody can deny is  

Its great to see women across the globe are together to fight the most commonest of brutalities against women around the world, sexual assault against women.

Women of Brazil , taking a leaf out of Indian women's protest against the Delhi's 'Nirbhaya' case, and following it is an act of appretiation.

This may be a small step, but at least it has kick started.
And it…