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Polygamy is good!!!.....err what????

Well, this is what studies by some individual bodies has found out!!!!

I mean , seriously???? Absolutely meaningless!!!

OK , without being personal I shall describe the reason for this statement. They say that , those who practice polygamy lead a wealthy as well as healthy life !! I am going nuts already!!! They studied that people practicing it has more wealth like land, husbandry etc. And are leading a healthier life as well!!!!

If a family in a drought affected area too practices such thing , will they achieve similar result??? Even with acre and acre of land too , the the result will be only hunger and nothing else.

This is our progress report!!! How much educated the society becomes but it is always to square one , I.e, they want many wives!!!! We reached the moon , we are making automated houses but at the end we want many wives!!!!

The question is not about being Feminist or Marxist , but is it fair to practice such things??? If you want to give equal rights to everybody then why no…

Being the first child...

If you are the first child of the house , you might either be lucky or the most disadvantaged one of the
house!!!! Remember the beatings you would get from your mother during your study time. You have to sleep in time and blah blah....  You have to maintain so much discipline most of the time.

And as time flies by and with the addition of your smaller siblings , everything is loosened up!!!! You might think that , this time your sibling will definitely get a beating , and they are left with a momentary warning!!!! I mean , what the heck ????

You would complain even against your sibling for messing with the new paint but nobody cares about but instead you would get a scolding for not being responsible!!!! And you think that your world has turned upside down.....

And if they have reached up to your waist , you are almost deprived of your dear personal space. And if they no your secret then nobody can save you from their wrath!!!!

Remember the added responsibility you have or you have felt fo…

Being civilized!!!!

Early morning waking up and doing exercises of your choice or just relaxing on the bed with your favourite tea or coffee while listening to your favourite music or just having a date with your newspaper is the ultimate way you want your day to start , isn't it????

Your day goes as you might have started your early morning, most of the times. Who wants a leaky washroom or your inquisitive neighbours banging on the door to enquire about the new washing machine you brought home in the night!!! This all is enough to trigger you off , isn't it??? And its time to refresh yourself a bit. Maybe a good music can do the trick!!!! Or a long drive in your car or might be just a chilled ice cream from your fridge!!!

We all have our little tricks to calm ourselves down isn't it??? Otherwise life would have been a hell !!!!

I remember whenever we were kids and we used to fight or just talk loudly our elders used to say not to behave like people from the slum , who always fight and act noisy…

When running out of ideas.....

This might be the worst nightmare for any blogger , isn't it????  Well , a 9 to 5 job might give you some rest after a hard day but for bloggers its a 24/7 situation!!!! 

Well don't think that I am anywhere saved by such situation  but the truth is I was facing the situation  a few minutes ago!!!! And the next moment you are frantically search for a topic isn't it???

Sometimes the situation is so bad that we might end 
up plagiarizing even!!!! I think this is the worst thing that can happen to a creative person!!! Of course every bodies reaction is obvious but we cannot deny the inner dilemma . Nobody can deny the inspiration we take from others , when everything around us is for us to take inspiration from , isn't it?

But what I have learned about from the experience is, when in anxiety , I think the best thing to do is relax... Just do what you like the most. Isn't it the most easiest thing to do???? The idea is to stay relaxed . And the mind will automatically burst…

my first hairstyle!!!

Well ,remember when we were kids , father or any male member of the family accompanied or rather we accompanied to get a haircut. Oh I still remember the chair way too high with an adjustable neck rest!!!You just need to sit there and the barber shall chop off your hair in the one and only haircut "the boy cut".....You would not even know if any other style exist in the world. Wait....wait , how can I forget the father of all haircuts !!!! Any guesses guys???? Absolutely!!! Bald.... Come summer and almost every other child is spotting this style!!!!

  When  you grow older you are made to believe that we have grown special and Beauty parlour is your only destination. No more handling by men. The first time I felt that I grew old was when I first went to a beauty Parlour!!!! It feels so special. Now you get a new partner, it is your own mother. She instructs the beautician to give you a particular cut and you suddenly feel like a princes. At least you have achieved the attentio…

oh!! Mother...

My mother had been always been a perfectionist unlike my father. I remember ,she carrying a basket for whoever little one was there in the house, be it my younger sis or bro. It was like a magic box. You can find everything needed for infants. 

I loved watching her doing all the chores when I was a kid. I felt as if I was seeing an angel, the most beautiful woman in the Earth!!!!

I loved helping her out, in whatever little way may be. I felt like it was my duty to protect her...Seriously!!! 

I feel blessed now to have her in my life...

But everybody don't have such previlage I guess!!! This time we were travelling by train and it is almost one and a half day journey. The family sitting with us had a almost 2 months baby. Ours was like 2 nights journey. And those two nights were horrible. The child used to cry during night time. His mother was not that friendlier but the father told that it was a routine duty of the child to cry in the night. What!!!!
What to do ??? It was our bad luck …

6th sense!!!

The most gifted are those who posses extra qualities within them. And one among those many qualities is the 6th sense.

Have you ever come across such people or may be someone close to you??? It always fascinates me. Its kind of weired but useful I guess!!!

Yesterday,I was watching a real crime investigation where a girl is being brutally murdered. She was with her friend, after getting heavily drunk she goes to a party where she happens to meet her ex boyfriend. She was verbal with him as well as slapped him. Later on she was driven away from the party for creating nuisance. Her friend makes her go by herself in a taxi and directs the taxi driver to the address. Her friend feels a little uncomfortable and notes the number of the car. After sometime she phones her friend and finds out that the driver has gone to the room to leave her and she hears the voice of other man in the room. She warns the driver to go away from the room and she will be reaching after sometime. But the next news s…

Who gave me my freedom????

Oh!!! Freedom , the most important aspect of our lives, isn't it. We shall fight for it , till we have it.

Freedom has different meaning for different individual. Somewhere it is freedom to live you own life on your own terms while for some it might be freedom to choose the college of your choice. Anyways, in both the cases it has the at most importance. And get it , we need to stand for it.

May be you didn't need to fight for it, but you of course might have to even let  your priorities known. And that is the defination of your fight.

In my country , it's a day to day activity for people like us. You have to fight for whatever choices we make for your own life. And the first fight starts in our own backyard.

My country's fight for freedom facinates me the most. I am sometimes let with so many unanswered questions!!!! India's freedom struggle is an example to everyone. The one and only country to have got its freedom by non-violence. It shook the mighty British empire …

skipped my dinner!!!

It is absolutely not a part of some insane diet plan for sure!!! This is what I and my brother doing for the past 2 3 days. 

This idea came out more of a necessecity than anything else. With temperature increasing day by day , it is difficulty to make food in the night. I sweat like hell ,seriously!!! So the routine was an added relief to me. And yes , my bro is very adjusting as well.

Once in the evening having a heavy supper, it almost
felt full. So there was no need to have dinner. And now we are enjoying it!!!

It is always said that , it is good to take your dinner early before sleeping, so it almost fits the bill.

When we go to our village, it is a common practice to eat their dinner by 7 or 7:30 and enjoy a long beautiful sleep. I know, you might be arguing that after all its only a country side. I totally agree but have you ever thought that why we eat late. Its because we work late. And how do we work late ? Its because of the electricity. No rocket science , of course.

Earlier peop…

Happy Durga puja....

There is already the smell of festivity in the air. Oh!! It feels so exciting. It all starts with the Ganesh puja. Of course he is the first to be prayed before everyone. And come October its the Durga puja which I love the most. It feels nostalgic because wonderful memories of the childhood is attached to it. Days of preparations goes into it!!! What clothes to wear is of course the most important of the task. I completely have faith in my mother. She does all the shopping. Our taste actually matches. With family reunion in my mother's side I always look forward to. All the cousins come together,its a blast.

Besides all the enjoyment , the most I look forward to is the festival itself. The ten day affair is amazing. Have you every thought about the question that why it was only a female Goddess was chosen to put an end to such a dreaded monster? Any guesses??? Well the reason is, the demon never anticipated that a women can kill him. The most silly mistake he made ,I guess!!!  Wel…