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Inventor for a day!!

Everyone may not be the Galileos ,the Newtons or the Einsteins but we too invent many trivial yet important things sometimes.

Remember those hidden corners which we used to discover and spend endless peaceful times.

Or that special camera angle to make our photos superior!!!

Everyone has their own secret way of making a certain dish.
And when someone asks the recipes, we just give credit to our awesome gene!!!

It's said necessity is the mother of invention.
I had read how people learnt to use those parts of vegetable which they normally throw away, when prices of food items go high.
But when I told my mother about it, she told earlier she used to make the vegetable the same way!!!

Few days back I was cleaning the window sill, from the past few days even after cleaning it , it was not looking clean.

So on that particular day, I saw some marks of water and thought that this might be the reason of the window sill not looking clean.

While cleaning it I thought about the marks made out of water …

My messaging dilemma.

I always have this unavoidable problem of  not attending to the text messages.

It feels so boring sometimes.
Tying and tying and tying!!!!

I am a little old school as well .
I don't like writing in short forms.

I don't know why it happens with me that my messages are conveyed across wrong.
It's natural because words are just words it doesn't convey the feeling across.
Obviously , no body will be able to know by seeing the words "Oh my God", whether I told in excitement , sorry or happiness.

And another thing is that at the most important message doesn't get sent.
And the notification, msg not sent increases my heart beat!!!!

Weird things happens and nobody can stop it from occurring as well.

Of course they are a headache but it becomes great topics to talk with friends and laugh at it later, isn't it.

Those hellish stares!!!

Our sense have  no match.
Nothing can come near it. 
It's true.

We have this tendency of knowing ,whoever is staring at us from anywhere.
And when I say anywhere, it's physically I am referring to. 
Forget about those cellphone which can give knowingly or unknowingly about our whereabouts!!!

But some days back I had this weird incident when I thought that someone was staring at me and making me uncomfortable.

I didn't wanted to know who it was so avoided for sometime.

But I couldn't hold it any longer and looked towards it.

To my bewilderment, it was a mannequin!!!! Blooper!!!

I was shocked . I doubted myself.
How could I feel a mannequin staring at me???
Am I out of my mind. Like seriously!!!

I don't know the reason for it but sometimes weird things happens I guess!!!

Oh! I came to know today that the sense of being stared every time is a phobia of some kind.
Like being watched by health bands.
I mean ,it's the feeling of being satisfied but still not being satisfied because …


Yesterday I along with my family went to see a movie.
The movie was awesome . Was feeling like walking on a runway. 
It's great being all dressed up and feeling special. In Queen's mood I guess!!!!

Remember those Monday moods when we have to drag ourselves out of the bed after a long weekend and the thought of messed up work commitments glaring at us!!!!

The Instagram selfie mood is hard to achieve for me!!!! 
I secretly wish to master it but in vain.

Those overworked moods can barbeque anyone on our way.

It feels great to go to those anytime Angel mood owners for those hard days . They are like soothing balm on a unbearable headaches!!!!

Sometimes I am so bored of playing the big sister role that I feel like going on a Dumb mood vacation.
It's so easy no not to be able to understand everything,isn't it????

You are a great performer and you are appreciated equal and you love them too but sometimes being in Sloth mood would sound better!!!!

Whether shopping online or offline when …