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If alone during festival!!!!

Its absolutely sin to discuss festivity and loneliness together.
But life is very unpredictable.
Uncertainties and absurd moments makes life more interesting.

Diwali is tomorrow but the festivity is already in the air from the last few days!!!
How could anyone be sad and lonely????

But life throws us in different difficult situations sometimes, isn't it???

So this post is mostly dedicated to those, who are away from their families...

Some might be earning a million bucks sitting in a foreign land or someone might be giving their blood and sweat to become a big name or take the case of those million siolders serving the country in the borders!!!

While some might be enjoying the sweets , crackers , or just that simple yet most important thing like being with their families , for some its loneliness.

If you have the liberty of going to a community gathering , then its a good option.
Enjoying with the community members is a good option than to just be sulking alone.
If that too is not possible ,…

A hurting Goodbye!!!

I am not the kind of person who would shed tears while parting.

Even as a kid , I have never done that!!!
Not when ,I had to stay away from my parents for 3 long ears , when I was in Grade 1!!!

I usually wondered by people shed a bucket full during parting.
Of course , the temporary one.

I think I have my father's gene of being a little hard from heart.

But recently when my mother ,who came to spend some time with me and went away, it hurt so much!!!
Oh I feel embarrassed!!!!

 It was turning about weired that day. But I couldn't control myself.

I can't understand why I am doing so many weired things at a time???

The next thing I was doing to get myself distracted from the situation is , looking for some cool ways to say goodbye!!!
 Nothing interesting I could find to save my day.Bad luck!!!

I know , it is good to let our emotions run down freely.
I am not saying it to be bad.
But sometimes , we over selves do things which are completely unexpected from us!!!

What completely unexpected th…

Is it worth changing the religion????

Change is part of this nature, it is said!!!

Everything changes!!! Moon changes from a full one to nothing and back, pupa changes to a beautiful butterfly to the changing weather.

Humans change from a single atom to a walking mayhem!!! Haha...

So why not its religion??

People accept other religion ,than their own,for many a reasons.
It may be because of love, or may be because of conflicting ideologies with the existing religion, or might be because of more acceptable ideologies of the other religion.

Its said that religion is integral part of us.
Its because of our religion , the way we are now!!!

We like some aspect of it and hate some or may be give a dame to think about it !!!!

Whatever may be the case, I think the reason for a conversion might be very strong to accept a completely new religion.

I think conversion is not a solution. 
If you don't like a certain aspect about your religion then condemn it!!!
Convince others or let others understand your point.

Its not that , the religion you…

I am the owner of two personalities!!!

No , I am not talking about bipolar disorder!!!
Neither I am a hypocrite.

 Its about discussing about a more subtle topic. A situation more normal,I guess!!!!

We are so carefree in our own house. Do whatever we want.
Nobody cares how we sit, talk, eat take shower, except our moms who are concerned to make us learn good etiquettes!!!
 And I swear , they are never tired telling!!!
And I admire the effort as well!!!

But we follow a certain standard way of behaving in the public.

This topic struck me because my siblings complained that you talk so slow outside.
I tried to defend myself that , I cannot behave the way I behave with my near and dear ones.

Being the older among my siblings, I have this habit of being a little bossy but I can't be the same outside!!!

I believe , we must keep this difference .
Some have the personality of being the same everywhere , but that doesn't make me wrong, I guess!!!

Done something silly!!!!

Life is so full of surprises.
Its weird sometimes when life throws us in difficult situation.

 Sometimes we do things , which is not at all expected from us!!!

I know , I am using 'us' to console myself.
To just to make myself feel at ease that , I am not alone in doing something silly!!!!

OK let me be a little braver and confess that, I did a very silly thing.
I can't imagine how I did what I did.
It feels like kicking myself!!!

OK!! Here goes the story....
I booked tickets for my family , for a certain day.
And due to my mistake, they missed there train!!!

If you thought that they were stuck at the traffic then no is the answer.

It was because of the fact that I told them the wrong timing!!!
The train was to leave the destination at 00:15. But I told them the that the timing is 00:15 the next day.

Making you confused!!!
Let me explain.

The train was on 12th at 00:15. So they should be at the station on the day 11th itself because as the clock strucks 00:00 , it means its the next day.

Are you going to be a Guest????

Family , friends ,collegues and the people who are a part of your society, constitute our world.
Of course ,I am talking about the real time.
But if people from the virtual world are also a part of your real world , they are included too!!

It is very important to be socially engaging, to maintain a good social life.
Festival, social gatherings , meetings are some of the getaways to accomplish those objectives.

Whether they are new acquaintance or a older one, inviting them to your place is a top priority for sure.

Entertaining guest is something , which is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Taking care of each and every members likes and dislikes and making them comfortable and at home , demands a lot of precision.

Its not always goody goody , to be frank!!!

Schedule goes heywire.
Children take advantage of the situation.
They don't listen to elders at all.

Lot of work remains pending!!!

I know , its a lot of complaining.
What I want to share through this post is , not about the guest…

Doing it wrong???

Its not possible to be perfect everytime.
And likewise, knowing everything might be superhumanly!!!
Excluding the bragging ones, who knows everything!!! Haha....

I read an interesting article,  some days back .
It was about the use of emojis.
Of course , emojis are a part of our lives now a days.
Its part of everything whether it is formal or informal.

Its so fun. Makes a conversation so exciting and welcoming, I guess.

But I used to wonder often, with a sea of emojis,whether I am using the right ones!!!
What if I am using a completely opposite emoji to express myself???

That's when the article which I had mentioned earlier, comes into picture.
It says about how we all use wrong emoji.
Like , we use an emoji which actual signifies grinning with smiling eyes , but use it for showing awkwardness and surprise!!!
Or a simple tired and sleepy emoji is used wrongly for someone crying or having a cold!!!

See it was all being wrongly used.
But we humans, try to fit everything according to us!!!