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My top 5 post!!!!

It's so natural to be reflective at this time of the year.
So I thought about putting across my views about my top 5 post!!!

Whoever visits my blog ,is sure to see the top 5 blogs. So what is so special or new about it!!

Actually ,it's not about which post got the top viewership but what made them  grab the top spot.

OK, we all bloggers write  a number of post throughout the year.

Some topics just come to our mind in seconds. Some takes a lot of time. Some topics we take inspiration from others and some topics are just nearer to our heart.

So while introspecting my top 5 post of 2016, I found out that ,those topics which I strongly believe in or which are like my inner voice or the toppers!!!!

Now how could readers know that those particular post where the one I love the most????
It's because of my truthfulness or strong support towards those topics,I guess!!!

Some were a little quirky as well!!!

This shows that whatever work we do, we should do with dedication because no work is di…

Let the last course be served!!!

It's time for the last course,at this time of the year!!!

The events in a year are like a full course meal.
Earlier part of the years are like starters.
Beaming with all the excitement and energy.
It's like preparing oneself for the main course. All the plans are made regarding what goals to achieve.

We are guarded about not to repeat the mistakes of the previous year as well as are ready to shoot some new ideas.

A certain playfulness consumes a lot of time because we are sure that it's a long year ahead.

We gulp down some extra starters because starters were good!!

Then comes the main course!!!!
We all jump into the wagon to March ahead with our goal with full speed.

Some have meticulously taken care of everything to enjoy their main course.
A full proof plan to cover everything the want. Hence they enjoy a great meal.

The ones who have gulp down extra starters are bound to tumble!!!
They some how manage to finish their main course.
But it has a lots of hits and misses as well.

And atla…

A little smarter!!!

It's already at our doorsteps!!!
Knocking insanely to arrive sooner.

Yes it's the New Year guys!!!
Drumroll please....

Another year is passing by and we are already someway or the other started to do all the calculations about how the year was and how we want the next year to be!!!

And the resolutions of course. Who can ever forget about those unlucky ones which are meant to be broken!!!😁😁😁

Anyways for me ,this time around it's sort of pre resolution time.

The thing is I was feeling a little jealous of my smartphone!!! 
I am going you the reason.
I was insecure of my phone's smartness!!!

That's right! 
Not remembering the phone numbers,
feeling robbed if not with my phone and many others things ,which is making me ashamed of myself.

So I started my resolution earlier .
It's a simple one that I am not saving important phone numbers in my phone.
And if you by any reason thought that if have gone insane ,then hold on.

What I am doing is ,I am typing all the phone numbers .
Due …

A complete turnover!!!

Have you ever came across the ever available personalities who help everyone anytime.
No matter whatever the situation may be everybody is very sure that they can pull off from a difficult situation.

Everybody has so much exception from them.

But there are times like after many years and you meet that very person and he or she is completely changed personality than earlier!!!!

You think of the good times and unable to imagine that that is the same person.
There deeds are history now and only present in our memories.

What leads to such drastic change???
It's unimaginable about the person they change into. Almost the opposite!!!

According to me , we should look through the perspectives of the person themselves who have changed .

Years of sacrifice had hardened them.
They may have sacrificed their favourite dress or the urge to buy a latest phone!!!
These might sound silly but they actually becomes bigger with every passing day.

And one day they suddenly realise that (no pun intended) they need …


I have written earlier about different types of friends for sure but this time, I was amazed. So I decided to write about it!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

We all know that,"A Friend in need is a Friend indeed" ,but how about a friend who you have made in a difficult situation ,without acknowledgment and you even know that that you even won't have friendship after the passing out of the difficult situation!!!
Am I being understood or just blabbering!!!

Let me make you more acquaint with the situation, then it will be clear.

I was part of a long queue where I had to stand for a couple of hours.
After sometime a person came and talked with a person I front of me. They talked for a while .
Then the person standing in front of me went somewhere for a couple of minutes.
Meanwhile the person stood in front of me while his friend was away.
I thought may be he was standing for his friend and after his friend returns he shall move out. But to my horror , when his friend came instead of moving out he kept stan…


Hi everyone!!!
Its such a relief after so many days I got to see this page.

I had not dissapeared guys but couldn't write because of some technical glitch , for so many days.

Is like a emergency situation , when not being able to do , what you like to do the most!!!

Yes!! Was in my grumpy mode for the same number of days.

It so happens that when a particularly thing is no longer a part of our life then we get to realize its important.
And as this blog is the most important thing in my life , it is double the pressure!!!

But I realized how vulnerable we are in this virtual world.
Everything can just finish in a second and we cannot do a thing!!!

Time lost can never be gained again but that won't stop us in any way!!!

Hope to post something very soon!!!

Getting stuck in something I hate!!!

From the morning , I am singing a song I hate the most!!!
This happens with me most of the time that the song which I had sang in the morning and I keep on singing it the whole day and everyone around me has gone insane!!!

But today the situation is different!!!
I am getting the taste of my own medicine.
May be I have listened it somewhere!!!
Now I know how others feel!!!

But can't help it because it happens subconsciously.

 There are many situations some funny and some annoying that we are stuck somewhere or with something and we can do nothing about it.
Like stuck with a single colour!!!

Let me explain....

Now my wardrobe is full with clothes in red.
There was a time when it was all green and even yellow!!!
Ha ha...

Can't help it!!!

Its annoying getting struck in an unwanted situation!!
And it is more annoying if you have nothing to do with it.
I remember a funny yet annoying situation when we were kids , it so happened that we used to go in a jeep to the school with other children as well.

Festivities after effects!!!!

After months of anticipation and preparation for a festival , its almost feels empty, just after the festival ends!!!!

Leaving guests, getting back to the everyday routine , are bound to make everyone emotional.

Don't talk abound the laundry guys!!!
Its a never ending task.
Its so easy to get dressed and showing off amongst friends and family, who could even care about it, isn't it????

Getting back to the exercise mode is even tougher!!!
After tucking in tonnes of yummies , its better to get going before its starts showing its mark!!!

Busting cracker had never in my favourite list.
I love a more peaceful way of celebrating it by enjoying with the family, making mouth watering delicacies, lighting diya's and making rangoli!!

So its peaceful now and I am not complaining!!!

This year the noise pollution during diwali has decreased here compared to the last two years , which is a good sign.
But other parts of country is chocking due to air pollution after diwali.
I pray for them , so that…

If alone during festival!!!!

Its absolutely sin to discuss festivity and loneliness together.
But life is very unpredictable.
Uncertainties and absurd moments makes life more interesting.

Diwali is tomorrow but the festivity is already in the air from the last few days!!!
How could anyone be sad and lonely????

But life throws us in different difficult situations sometimes, isn't it???

So this post is mostly dedicated to those, who are away from their families...

Some might be earning a million bucks sitting in a foreign land or someone might be giving their blood and sweat to become a big name or take the case of those million siolders serving the country in the borders!!!

While some might be enjoying the sweets , crackers , or just that simple yet most important thing like being with their families , for some its loneliness.

If you have the liberty of going to a community gathering , then its a good option.
Enjoying with the community members is a good option than to just be sulking alone.
If that too is not possible ,…

A hurting Goodbye!!!

I am not the kind of person who would shed tears while parting.

Even as a kid , I have never done that!!!
Not when ,I had to stay away from my parents for 3 long ears , when I was in Grade 1!!!

I usually wondered by people shed a bucket full during parting.
Of course , the temporary one.

I think I have my father's gene of being a little hard from heart.

But recently when my mother ,who came to spend some time with me and went away, it hurt so much!!!
Oh I feel embarrassed!!!!

 It was turning about weired that day. But I couldn't control myself.

I can't understand why I am doing so many weired things at a time???

The next thing I was doing to get myself distracted from the situation is , looking for some cool ways to say goodbye!!!
 Nothing interesting I could find to save my day.Bad luck!!!

I know , it is good to let our emotions run down freely.
I am not saying it to be bad.
But sometimes , we over selves do things which are completely unexpected from us!!!

What completely unexpected th…

Is it worth changing the religion????

Change is part of this nature, it is said!!!

Everything changes!!! Moon changes from a full one to nothing and back, pupa changes to a beautiful butterfly to the changing weather.

Humans change from a single atom to a walking mayhem!!! Haha...

So why not its religion??

People accept other religion ,than their own,for many a reasons.
It may be because of love, or may be because of conflicting ideologies with the existing religion, or might be because of more acceptable ideologies of the other religion.

Its said that religion is integral part of us.
Its because of our religion , the way we are now!!!

We like some aspect of it and hate some or may be give a dame to think about it !!!!

Whatever may be the case, I think the reason for a conversion might be very strong to accept a completely new religion.

I think conversion is not a solution. 
If you don't like a certain aspect about your religion then condemn it!!!
Convince others or let others understand your point.

Its not that , the religion you…

I am the owner of two personalities!!!

No , I am not talking about bipolar disorder!!!
Neither I am a hypocrite.

 Its about discussing about a more subtle topic. A situation more normal,I guess!!!!

We are so carefree in our own house. Do whatever we want.
Nobody cares how we sit, talk, eat take shower, except our moms who are concerned to make us learn good etiquettes!!!
 And I swear , they are never tired telling!!!
And I admire the effort as well!!!

But we follow a certain standard way of behaving in the public.

This topic struck me because my siblings complained that you talk so slow outside.
I tried to defend myself that , I cannot behave the way I behave with my near and dear ones.

Being the older among my siblings, I have this habit of being a little bossy but I can't be the same outside!!!

I believe , we must keep this difference .
Some have the personality of being the same everywhere , but that doesn't make me wrong, I guess!!!

Done something silly!!!!

Life is so full of surprises.
Its weird sometimes when life throws us in difficult situation.

 Sometimes we do things , which is not at all expected from us!!!

I know , I am using 'us' to console myself.
To just to make myself feel at ease that , I am not alone in doing something silly!!!!

OK let me be a little braver and confess that, I did a very silly thing.
I can't imagine how I did what I did.
It feels like kicking myself!!!

OK!! Here goes the story....
I booked tickets for my family , for a certain day.
And due to my mistake, they missed there train!!!

If you thought that they were stuck at the traffic then no is the answer.

It was because of the fact that I told them the wrong timing!!!
The train was to leave the destination at 00:15. But I told them the that the timing is 00:15 the next day.

Making you confused!!!
Let me explain.

The train was on 12th at 00:15. So they should be at the station on the day 11th itself because as the clock strucks 00:00 , it means its the next day.

Are you going to be a Guest????

Family , friends ,collegues and the people who are a part of your society, constitute our world.
Of course ,I am talking about the real time.
But if people from the virtual world are also a part of your real world , they are included too!!

It is very important to be socially engaging, to maintain a good social life.
Festival, social gatherings , meetings are some of the getaways to accomplish those objectives.

Whether they are new acquaintance or a older one, inviting them to your place is a top priority for sure.

Entertaining guest is something , which is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Taking care of each and every members likes and dislikes and making them comfortable and at home , demands a lot of precision.

Its not always goody goody , to be frank!!!

Schedule goes heywire.
Children take advantage of the situation.
They don't listen to elders at all.

Lot of work remains pending!!!

I know , its a lot of complaining.
What I want to share through this post is , not about the guest…

Doing it wrong???

Its not possible to be perfect everytime.
And likewise, knowing everything might be superhumanly!!!
Excluding the bragging ones, who knows everything!!! Haha....

I read an interesting article,  some days back .
It was about the use of emojis.
Of course , emojis are a part of our lives now a days.
Its part of everything whether it is formal or informal.

Its so fun. Makes a conversation so exciting and welcoming, I guess.

But I used to wonder often, with a sea of emojis,whether I am using the right ones!!!
What if I am using a completely opposite emoji to express myself???

That's when the article which I had mentioned earlier, comes into picture.
It says about how we all use wrong emoji.
Like , we use an emoji which actual signifies grinning with smiling eyes , but use it for showing awkwardness and surprise!!!
Or a simple tired and sleepy emoji is used wrongly for someone crying or having a cold!!!

See it was all being wrongly used.
But we humans, try to fit everything according to us!!!

overcome the roadblocks!!!

We all are dreamers.
Everybody is after there dreams.

But is it really that easy??
So many dreams are shattered on the way.
Never reached to the finish line.

Of course me put our heart  and soul towards it.
But it is not as easy as writing the next letter.

Some fail to keep the dedication at the same level always.
Some scumb  to trivial roadblocks!!!

I remember feeling heartbroken after a failed attempt.
Even started doubting my abilities at that point.
Cursing my bad luck throughout.

After sometime, I realized that , its a mere roadblocks on my road to success.
We don't stop looking at roadblocks on the road but find out another way to reach our destination.

I know now that there are a lot of more such roadblocks are going to come on my way.
And I have to simply find another way to reach my destination.

Wish all those dreamers luck , on their road to success!!!

Promised yet forgotton!!!

It is often said that promises are meant to be broken.

Promised to go on vacation with family but could not because you want to not to loose a blade of grass even,in work front!!!

Or your promise to quit smoking ,has gone with the smoke , this time too??

Or may be your promise to not to be so nice to a nagging neighbour has gone with the wind!!

This is a part of almost every bodies life.
At some point of time in our life, this bug has beaten us everybody , for sure.

I still remember , last summer was such annoying due to water scarcity.
 I had promised myself that I would use water judiciously throughout the year.
I do have been able to do that to some extent. Thank goodness!!!
It is always the hard way , we all learn the most, isn't it??

I think , the most easiest way to go something , is to take baby steps at first.
Instead of chocking yourself with unbelievable targets,start small and smart.
And with a little bit of dedication, you are surely going to cross the finish line.

All the best !!

We , a part of virtual world already???

Are we already part of the virtual world?

The study shows that already 50% people in the world live in virtual world!!!

When I think about this situation deeply,about its meaning and its effect on the humanbeing as a whole, what do I get to know???

A situation depicted in the movie Wall-E!!!
Where people are so busy with themselves that  the don't know the existence of another human just near
to tthem?

Actually , the situation is not new to us.
We can already see it everywhere.
People in a room gathered together but glued to their mobiles, tabs and PC.
While some smile to themselves, while some are showing up such a grim face as if in the middle of the world!!!

I remember, some years back, when somebody would show such emotional outburst to one self , then they would be called mentally sick for sure.

We are so much habituated by the virtual world that, a moments dissociation baffles us , even if a hoard of people around us.

But its virtual world even makes our world easier  a lot , isn't …

Acting stubborn sometimes???

Stubbornly behaviour usually don't end up on the good side of the scale.
We at some point or some other , might have acted stubbornly.

 She is so stubborn , she won't listen when coming to choosing her clothes.
He is so stubborn. Never calls up after a bad fight!!!

So such type of situations are never isolated from our lives.

I remember such incident , when we used to have strict rules of not to watch TV after 9:30pm.
I was in my teens then.
I usually was a very obedient child but that day , I just argued to let me watch a movie in the night.

I remember , the TV was in my parents room.
So my parents slept and I was watching TV with the lights of the room put off.
I began feeling restless after sometimes..
Still I continued watching it.
Everything was going over my head. I was not able to understand anything but still was on with my mission.
I can't tell whether the movie was intense one or because I was sleepy , that made me a dumb spectator!!!

When the movie finished, I could not make …

Clearing backlogs!!!!

After returning from a lovely vacation, one of the biggest headaches are the backlogs!!!

Backlogs haunts and doesn't let us unwind the lovely memories of a great holiday!!
There might be thousand things to do like fixing the plumbing, a thousand mails to read or the tasks related to our work.

If not taken care of properly the backlogs are sure to squeeze the life out of you, for sure!!!
They all start hammering inside the head, stopping us to even start doing anything.

What to do , so that we can start at least??

The best thing is to make a list of all the backlogs.
Its a great way to clear our head , so that we start afresh!!!

Its great , if we prioritize our work, like which task to do first and which can be done later.

Clubbing tasks according to to there similarity and save a lot of time.
Like the work which is to be done outside the house and the works which can be done in leisure.

 My mother has a great way to complete a task.
She does the task immediately as she remembers it.
It works g…

The Annual Sojourn.

 It is the festival of harvesting today and like always,we make a sweet little trip to our village.

Its the festival to thank the almighty for being kind upon us to give us a good harvest and our ancestors too.

It was time for the much needed detox!!!
But it is very hard to follow.
Still I was able to get away from all the gadget.
And if by any chance you are appreciating my will power then I am sorry to let you know that it was a forced detox!!!

Due to continuous rain we were without electricity for two days!!!
It felt frustrated at times.

But it feels so serene and relaxed now!!
I think my mind and soul got a much needed break!!!

Loved cooking in fire ,in a traditional way too.
The food tasted just awesome when food in fire.

We shall be making so traditional sweets too in the evening!!!
Coming back to our roots feels so good and heavenly.

Loved seeing the clouds which were touching the mountains, on our way!!!
Loving the greenery around.

I wish it stays always with me!!

But still I know I have to go…

In transit!!

Every journey has its own aspect to it.

If going on a vacation, the excitement of visiting a new place thrills everyone.
Starting from searching important places of visit to checking the weather of that place.

The long list of goodies for everyone is the fun to shop for.

If going for work purpose, its all tireing.
Running to complete all presentation and looking after all the paper works.

After the work is done , then its all about relaxation.

 Well I love everything about a journey.
 If its a long journey , I usually tire myself before the journey !!!
I know it sounds weird but during journey its only no work . So after getting myself tired it uselly feels good.

It feels great studying different types of personalities.

Snacking mindlessly is what I like to refrain from.
I know it is really hard but if you want to stay away from awkward situations ,its worth it!!

With a lot of idle time, its best to keep a great book in your company.
If not like reading , of course there is PokΓ©mon go !!!

How can I …

Shy to converse???

World is all about communication.

Its so easy now to converse with a person sitting in a far of place.

In today's world , we one way or the other converse with our thumb!!!

 Real time conversation has taken a back seat for sure.
We may not realize but conversing in real time, is equally important.
Like joining a new college, office or just making new friends in your new neighbourhood.

Its great if you have the skills of making a fluid conversation but there are some for whom conversing is not that easy.

Some may be simply shy and for some it might be their nature.

I remember, it was the annual function after taking part in the activities, I could converse with everyone.

I realized that , it may be considered politeness but as we grow old its perceived to be your arrogance.

Well,I am perfectly OK to be called arrogant because I myself know that I am not. Its isn't easy to make happy everyone!!!

But what is really important is the fact that, it becomes necessary to know the art of conversi…

Work for free now, get your dues later!!!

The most important part about starting any work ,is the start itself.

A good start , is the job half done.

But its not that easy to start, when there is no sign of encouragement.
Minimal returns sinks your hopes further down.

Keeping your believes intact ,under such conditions , is almost impossible.

We end up switching jobs or sometimes the quality of work starts degrading.

Sometimes we make decisions according to what others have achieved in that particular field!!!

So what should we do , to take our work or passion to greater heights???

I believe that its important to stick to your believes.
Have a little faith in what you want to do.
Everything needs a little time to grow.
It is just like a fragile sapling, which need the most care.

Likewise, think your work or your passion to be like a sapling, which needs a lot of patience and perseverance.

This is the time , we need to give our best,inspite of the worst situation.
And like a tree, when it grows , your work shall give you the fruit of your ha…

Food!!An important part of our society.

Our world revolves around food, isn't it???

I wonder ,how in every occasion ,the food is in spot light.
Like the star of the show!!!

No matter how much preparation we do on other things,if the food is not good , it leaves a bad impression.
And out of everything if the food is good, then every other mistake is forgotten, for sure.

Whether getting along with neighbours for the first time, or cracking a deal with your bussines partner.
A good food always gives a personal touch.

If you yourself know to cook, then you are your own life saver,in my opinion.
I myself learned cooking thinking the same way!!!

There is competition to make food fast.
There were 10 min. meal, then 2 min. And now 1 min. meal is in rage!!!

Even if one is not a foodie, still food plays an important role.
One does a lot of research making the food itself slim(healthy!!!) and then consumes it , to become slim!!!

From childbirth to ones death , this cycle is repeated again and again!!!!

It might be the basic requirement for one …

3 cheers to Olympics!!!

Its absolute extravagance.
I really like when sportsperson from all over the world get together in a common platform and perform!!!

When every single day brings news of horror from all the parts of the world, this event is absolute wonder.

It gives a reason to get-together and make merry,in such difficult period.

I am not a hard core athlete, but still,I have the wildest dream of wearing my country's Jersey and represent my country!!!
I know ,I am sounding a little insane right now.
But still I can't help it!!!

Well still it feels great to cheer for one's own country.
And  the anxiety and joy it brings with it, is worth it!!

Supporters go to great length to support their favourites.
Some wear a particular colour ,some don't wash for days and some were different charms to work in their favour.

Thanks to all the sportsperson for bringing so much joy to us , because of their hard work and dedication.
Its the time to support the contingent of your own country as well as your favourite…

Was feeling a little rustic!!!

Does it ever happen that you are not able to do a particular thing,which you are an expert in, after a long time??

Sometimes weird things happen.
And this is one of them.

It so happened that , I wanted to write something in the language I am well versed in, but not able to do it in a flow!!!

It felt very awful!!!
Oh my God! the amount of mistakes I was making was insane.

I even doubted my capability and thought of discontinuing it,at a point!!!
It is so hard to accept failure ,isn't it???

But still , I continued writing.
And to my surprise, the condition became better day by day.

And after I finished it, after a month, I think I got my normal expertise back.

When I turned to the first few pages, I couldn't stop laughing on myself!!!
It felt so silly.

I think it happens when we loose touch in a particular thing, for a long time.
We just need to brush up a little,isn't it???

And yes, this is the continuation of a new field I am trying to learn.
I hope I don't forget it after a long time…

My favourite food is harmful to me!!!

Oh ! Why it so happens that Docter always makes us stop ,eating our favourite food item???

Not even their white coat can make them look less devilish!!!

Why they are after our favourite food, was a mystery to me.
But recently ,I found out its cause.
Of course docters don't do anything without a reason.
And people curse them unnecessarily.

 Our body is really mysterious.

 Why our favourite food is harmful to us because its our favourite food!!!

OK I would elaborate it further.

I have heard many people of complaining of headache, if they don't drink tea.

Its because the person's body is allergic to certain component in tea but with every days habit , the body has adapted to that allergy.
But the allergy has not completely gone . Its still present.

So the body signals through headache , chest pain, irritation or any such aliment to suppress the allergy.
And we feel a certain craving for that food.

And likewise , it becomes our favourite food or drinks!!!

I think, the best thing to do is to …

Colour Coded!!

We humans are colour coded!!!
What if one day we come to know such things exists???

People will be grouped like , Red family or Green family!!!
Red family are the vibrant ones while the Green family are a lot peaceful ones or the ones shinning bright are the Yellow family.
Sounds funny right!!!

But in some way we actually are.
If not , then why the colour Pink is associated with girls and Blue with boys!!!

It was interesting to know that a subject like Colour Psychology too exist!!!
Actually we have been associating a certain trait with a particular colour.

How about if I say , Colours are even used to treat certain ailements.

Colours indicates whether the food is veg or non-veg,isn't it???

I always envy the birds and fish which are so colourful and bright.
In front of them we humans may seen like the food served in the hospital!!!

I always wonder, why mostly our favourite colour is our lucky colour too.
May be the colour of our choice makes us more positive and spread the positivity around!!!


Jealous Siblings..

Its the story of almost every house.
Jealousy between siblings is the most common.

Some take it positively and for some it becomes a matter of pride and ego.
Like a human body reacting differently to a same medicine , everybody has their own way and pace to deal with it.

I have myself witnessed it when parents tell to emulate the better sibling.
I don't think the intentions are wrong but sometimes we perceive it differently.

Instead of learning , a sense of jealousy grips in , between the sibling.

I think , its important even for the parents to know where to stop and act accordingly, otherwise instead of doing something constructive ,they will end up sowing the lifelong seed of jealousy and hate rate.

For the siblings , its equally important to understand that , their relationship is the most beautiful among anything else in this world.

I think , being competitive is good.
It leads to greater heights.
But to keep hate in the heart , brings only sorrow and pain!!!

When down with COLD!!!!

I absolutely hate it , when I am not well.
Laying down the whole time and popping medicines is so boring!!!

Its like a speed breaker!!!
Everything comes to an absolute stop. How annoying!!!

But it has its own plus points too.
Like getting 24/7 attention and pampering from everyone around you.
But still doing something interesting to peck yourself a little, is worth it.

 The running nose is very much annoying thing. But the changed voice is what I like the most!!!
I love singing with the changed voice. Its find of fun and entertaining!!!
Do try it. It really helps.

Even if you are down with fever , it feels good to be all freshened up, even if you are staying in the house the whole day!!!

And yes this helped me a lot, to keep me busy as well.

Its not that perfect, but it gave me immense pleasure And a perfect time pass!!!
I hope to continue learning it further as well.

I always tell my younger siblings be cheerful and stay positive and it helps to heal us automatically.
And time, I try out the same t…

Monsoon Shopping everywhere!!!

Come monsoon and its SALE time!!!!
Its the most happiest moment in every women's life!!!

It feels so magical!!!

Step into shops offering Sales and its like Alice in wonderland kind of a feeling.
Heaps of cloth piled together!!!

And how can I forget about about the most important of all?? 
   The tedious job of grabbing the perfect piece from that heap.
    Its like a treasure hunt!!!

After a lot of hustle and bustle when we are back with the priced possession , it gives the feeling of reaching the peak of highest mountain.

It is the most satisfying feeling!!!

But every time to get a picture perfect result is not possible, isn't it???

Sometimes it so happens that, its not a perfect fit.
Oh my God! its a disaster!!!!
Sometimes we end up buying something because it looked good on others.
  Remember the long wait in front of trail room!!!

And sometimes it feels like it was not required to be bought!!! Its just because of the Sale!!

And sometimes its the free item we are interested into and end up…

The many faces of Meditation.

Meditation is boring for many.
It might have a good many positives about it ,but still it is boring!!!

Sometimes its about personal choices and sometimes it might be just lack of time.

What I have understood about Meditation is , its all about connecting with your soul.
It calms you down, soothen your heart and give you immense peace.

When did you last felt that immense peace, joy ,or calmness??

Was it after that perfect presentation?

Or was it after that cake you made for your family and it flew off the plate in minutes?

You had been longing to complete the marathon for some time and you achieved it last time!!!
It does not matter that you where the last one to finish it. What matters is , the joy and satisfaction it gave you for being able to finish the race!!!

Or that dance class you attend on weekends, when you forget about everything else and its only about you??

For me everything mentioned above is Meditation.
It makes you one with the soul.

Life is short, like I always say.
Then why not make…

A little Childlike!!!

Best days of life.... Childhood!!!!

Carefree, innocent, inquisitive are the other name of childhood.

What I really like about childhood is , how easily we used to switch our emotions!!!
Now fighting with the best friend and after a few moments ,playing with the same friend, as if nothing ever happened!!!
     And when we grow up, how hard it becomes to forgive and forget anyone's mistakes.

A lollipop would give us the worlds greatest joy but now after accomplishing everything , we are still hungry for more.

Sometimes it is good, not knowing the intentions of the jealous relatives, during childhood.
      It hurts afterwords...

Who cares, as a child, how they look in a photograph.
  As a grownup , you need to master now on your angles!!!!

After a running competition, we never stop talking with the one who came first, during annual sports!!!

A little bit of Child-like behaviour could bring so much fun , peace and joy, in the life back,isn't it????

Its easier to get Angry!!!

Every individual has his/her own way of dealing with their own emotions.
     Some carry their emotions on their sleeves and some keep their emotions to themselves.

We encounter different type of people in our day to day lives. People who keep everyone entertained around them , is loved by all . Except those grumpy ones, I guess!!!(he he)

There are some type of people who are very determined and hard working, making those lazy around them to buck-up!!!

Every emotion is infectious.
But the most destructive of all is anger,isn't it???
It might harm others or the person itself.

It is better to control it ,than to be controlled by it!!!

My mother has a very unique way of reacting , when she is angry.
It was nightmare , when I was a kid!!!
She would simple not speak to me, when she used to be angry!!!
And it was the most enduring thing for me.
After that I would try every possible way to never to repeat the mistake.
I think silence is the best way to tackle anger and the most hardest too!!!

I think …

Happy Birthday to my BLOG!!!

We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we miss acknowledging and thanking, for all the comfort and support we get get from people or things around us!!!

In today's world were we get everything so affordably and easily,its hard to realise how easy our life has become.
 Once we are away from a person , thing, place, or the most important 'time', only then we know there worth!!!

I am very particular about creating minimum wastage of everything , especially the natural resourses available to me. 
     And I am actually proud of!!!
But recently , after experiencing shortage of water for a few days, I think I can use it more smartly and can cut a little more on water wastage..

We are very casual about people around us.
The time I am leaving now is very hard and a period of struggle.
      And I know that this is the time which is going to build me and my family.
       We as a family are fighting all odds and fighting the harsh situations.
      Sometimes we fight , get irritated with…

RELAX...No big deal growing old!!!

The commenest amongst all the worries... .GROWING OLD!!!!!

Oh my God my wrinkles are showing!!!

Its difficult to pick up things from the floor ,now a days.

Oh I am loosing sight due to my age!!!

Its a never ending list regarding problems related to growing age.
We equally put an effort to either prepare for it or to hide it effortlessly, isn't it???

Start using so and so cream, you have approached 30!!

I don't go out now a days because its difficult to keep up...

My teeth are not strong enough for those food!!!
And the list is endless as well...

I happen to see the picture of a 60 year old model a few days back and was astonished!!
That made me wonder, whether Old age is a myth!!!

We have unnecessarily trapped over selves under a preconceived idea of dividing and living according to 

Remember , we start ageing from the day we are born. 
   Its all mind's game.

People earlier use to live a lot longer.
And gradually the minimum life expectancy of human beings, is decreasing.
I agree to…

Coming face to face with Disaster!!!

Life is full of unexpected events.
Some gives joy and some are disturbing as well, like the two sides of a coin.

A few days back, there broke out a fire nearby!!!
The building is a few meters from our building.

By Gods grace there were no casualties of life because people acted very fast and the fire brigade was quick to respond.

I went blank during the initial seconds but controlled 
myself afterwords.
   After making a few important calls ,I started packing our belongings, in case we had to make an emergency exits!!!!

It was all about important papers and some pair of clothes , my ATM card and money .

Helped an old lady to make calls to her family members because she seemed a little distured!!!

It was not necessary for our evacuation but those moments of 2 or 3 hours will take a while to go down.

The point is to never loose hope and holding our nerves , in the time of extreme situations.
I know there are lot bigger incidents happen around the world than this, but one thing is for sure, we human…

Bored anyone!!!

Last week was so hectic because of exams that I was starting to feel a little bored!!!

Sometimes it so happens that we are so tensed because of a situation and thinking about the same thing 24/7 that , we start feeling bored.

To break the monotony, I thought let do something new. 
I watched some videos related to Origami. 
They were so interesting.

I remember doing it when I was in school.
I was so astonished to see its evolution over years!!!

During our time, we used to make some basic things.

It really inspired me to a lot.
I am definitely going to learn it further!!!

Knowledge is so vast and is constantly evolving that,
Who has the time to get bored???
Try something new to learn or revive your knowledge , what you have learned back.

It may not be a money back trait but still have the capacity to fill your heart with joy.

Give it a try!!!!

United we stand , Divided we fall!!!

It's so true???
Nothing can be more apt than this Title , for the post!!!

United we Stand ,Divided we Fall!!!

Feminists has been laughed about by the contemporaries, when their aim and reason for the struggle is asked about!!!

Feminist has fought the longest battle and still fighting.

The reason has varied across ages.
It can be either said that , Feminists are never satisfied or the oppressor comes up with new technics every time.

They can say that it lacks unity sometimes which leads to its downfall.

Whatever may be the reason earlier , but this time around there is one reason which nobody can deny is  

Its great to see women across the globe are together to fight the most commonest of brutalities against women around the world, sexual assault against women.

Women of Brazil , taking a leaf out of Indian women's protest against the Delhi's 'Nirbhaya' case, and following it is an act of appretiation.

This may be a small step, but at least it has kick started.
And it…

Decide your own worth!!!

It is great to know that Indus civilization dates back to some 8000 years , not as was known earlier to be 5500 years old!!!
More older than Egyptian civilization!!!!

There was never a doubt about it. It was just waiting to be proved!!!
Everything was assumed according to British findings. But now , as ASI(Archeological Survey of India) and IIT-K(Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) has found out a site much greater than the earlier site.

It really is a proud moment!!!!

Our day to day life too sees such moments.
We are so worried about what others think about us!!!

It is a constant race to prove others.
We let others define us and get lost in the process.
Its us and only us who knows our true worth.

Don't get succumbed to other peoples judgement.
It might be true sometimes. But other than pondering unnecessarily about it , we can improve, isn't it??

Sometimes ,their are people who knowing try to belittle us.
Don't be fooled by it!!!

Don't let others decide your worth!!!

Satisfied or not??

Everyone works towards getting satisfaction ,I guess!!!

Some get it after a lot of effort and for some it's just a cat walk.
For some , it doesn't matter a lot. They are the kind who love living each day as it comes. Feels kind of jealous, isn't it????

  It really feels great to see all your hard work shining bright on you!!!

As we grow old it becomes more and more unsatisfying day by day.

We look for the perfect fit, when we are talking about clothes and shoes.
Those endless hour searching for the proper fit is nerve-racking !!!
The whole store goes upside down!!!!

If we are so particular about our need , why don't we give a thought about , what size fridge we need to buy or may be how many gadget we need in real time???

We just follow the herd!!!!
Sometimes its not necessary for us but either we fall in the trap of the bussiness strategies or sometimes we are not bothered enough about it!!!!

Is it practical to go for a 140 cm TV in a small living room!!!!

 Gone are the days when…

How do you prepare for your exams????

Living is like constantly proving ourselves.
Its like 24/7 , till death!!!

Whether it is about taking the first step as a baby, cracking the job interview or taking vows to love each other for the entire life, everything is examination.

We pass some and fail some.
Life throws us in such a situation that we don't even realise about it!!
And there are so many cases , where we just fail to move on after a failure. We spend our entire life , struck in the same spot.
Life is to short , so don't get disheartened and raise again and try again!!!

When we fail, the first thought that comes to our mind is, why it had to happen with us???
Instead of thinking like that we should better think about , where we lagged behind???

Sometimes it becomes very important to just hang a little bit longer and believe in our belief!!!

It is interesting to find that , people who had tasted failure earlier in life have come out strong and succeeded.

I always believe that hard work never goes wasted.
You may have not…

A fight between two,always benefits the third!!!

Remember those fight between your sibling, your bf , or your colleague, where it had created havoc for no reason at all , but benefited someone other!!!!

After all the damage, we realized that , everything was avoidable and was almost silly of us .

Ego is the culprit sometimes and sometimes it is a simple misunderstanding.

What is most serious is that the outsiders take advantage of the situation!!!
They may spun a few stories to make the situation a little bit more interesting.

Or think of the 'I know it all' colleague , who earns an appraisal or an important project due to you and your friends fight.

There are even more serious problems when as countrymen, we fight among ourselves and our country's enemy are ready to take advantage of the situation to cause mass destruction!!

The thought of it is even horrifying!!!!

Life is short, so we should enjoy it and if possible help a few lives enjoy it as well....

As a family, as friend and as a country , we should stand together to fight…

Which hand of yours, do you love the most???

Ha!!! Sounds weird isn't it???

I know ,I am a little weird sometimes and my family vouches for it as well!!!
But those little weirdness in us, makes our lives interesting , isn't it???

OK before being labelled a psycho, let me come to the main topic ,I would like to discuss.

Some years back, I had this interesting thought which came to my mind that, why not assign some work to my left hand because I was hurting my right hand(I am right-handed) too much.Glee....

I shared the thoughts with my friends mother and she was stunned for some time but she agreed too.
I can't imagine what she thought about me!!!!

That day I tried working with my LH(Left Hand) the whole time!!!
It was difficult but I managed somehow.

But the next day , the story was back to usual.
I was working with my RH(Right Hand).

It may be because of the fact that the pain receded the next day. 
Who don't need a little break, isn't it???

Its not only about the hand , its the same with everything.
Like , we put a lot o…

Oh!! How much I love Summer!!!!

Its absolutely normal to hate summers.
But like everything , Summers has its good sides too.

If you thought summers are all about scorching heat and sweat , you better think again!!!!
Don't we all love to laze around with our favourite board games or an exciting get-togethers!!!!

Thank the  Summers ,for those lovely getaways to exotic locations!!!

Its might have been one of the reason why Nature is called mother that,we get the most tasty fruits, like mango during summers!!!

I remember , during summers our mother used to buy new sets of clothes.
And it was before summers, we would get our new school books.

Of course , a trip to grandparents house used to be amazing.
All we cousins used to have a blast.

There is always a touch of nostalgia in the air during Summers.

Childhood days are a pass. With growing age , time is less.
But still we can enjoy it in our own way,isn't it.
I recently enjoyed a game of ludo and pillow fight with my bro to refresh me up and inspired me to write about it her…

Do you learn from your mistakes????

You are not Human enough, if you don't commit mistakes!!!!

Of course , mistakes are a part of our lives.
I think, they have the deepest impact on our lives.

Mistakes leads to failure and failure teaches us a lot of things which success can't !!!!
It makes us a fighter. A fighter who is competent enough to fight all the adversities of life.

But it is only possible when we learn from our mistakes.

Every individual have their individual way of thinking and an equally individual way to tackle a problem.
We might learn from our mistakes or plainly ignore them!! Or a third type, where the person might be aware of the mistakes , but give it a damn!!!

Some try to hide their mistakes by either behaving in such a way that they know nothing about it ,and some try to be more angrier ,so that they can hide away their mistakes!!!

It pisses me off, when people try to dominate, instead of accept their mistakes.

Its very important for me to learn from mistakes and do my best to never repeat them.
And if …