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overcome the roadblocks!!!

We all are dreamers.
Everybody is after there dreams.

But is it really that easy??
So many dreams are shattered on the way.
Never reached to the finish line.

Of course me put our heart  and soul towards it.
But it is not as easy as writing the next letter.

Some fail to keep the dedication at the same level always.
Some scumb  to trivial roadblocks!!!

I remember feeling heartbroken after a failed attempt.
Even started doubting my abilities at that point.
Cursing my bad luck throughout.

After sometime, I realized that , its a mere roadblocks on my road to success.
We don't stop looking at roadblocks on the road but find out another way to reach our destination.

I know now that there are a lot of more such roadblocks are going to come on my way.
And I have to simply find another way to reach my destination.

Wish all those dreamers luck , on their road to success!!!

Promised yet forgotton!!!

It is often said that promises are meant to be broken.

Promised to go on vacation with family but could not because you want to not to loose a blade of grass even,in work front!!!

Or your promise to quit smoking ,has gone with the smoke , this time too??

Or may be your promise to not to be so nice to a nagging neighbour has gone with the wind!!

This is a part of almost every bodies life.
At some point of time in our life, this bug has beaten us everybody , for sure.

I still remember , last summer was such annoying due to water scarcity.
 I had promised myself that I would use water judiciously throughout the year.
I do have been able to do that to some extent. Thank goodness!!!
It is always the hard way , we all learn the most, isn't it??

I think , the most easiest way to go something , is to take baby steps at first.
Instead of chocking yourself with unbelievable targets,start small and smart.
And with a little bit of dedication, you are surely going to cross the finish line.

All the best !!

We , a part of virtual world already???

Are we already part of the virtual world?

The study shows that already 50% people in the world live in virtual world!!!

When I think about this situation deeply,about its meaning and its effect on the humanbeing as a whole, what do I get to know???

A situation depicted in the movie Wall-E!!!
Where people are so busy with themselves that  the don't know the existence of another human just near
to tthem?

Actually , the situation is not new to us.
We can already see it everywhere.
People in a room gathered together but glued to their mobiles, tabs and PC.
While some smile to themselves, while some are showing up such a grim face as if in the middle of the world!!!

I remember, some years back, when somebody would show such emotional outburst to one self , then they would be called mentally sick for sure.

We are so much habituated by the virtual world that, a moments dissociation baffles us , even if a hoard of people around us.

But its virtual world even makes our world easier  a lot , isn't …

Acting stubborn sometimes???

Stubbornly behaviour usually don't end up on the good side of the scale.
We at some point or some other , might have acted stubbornly.

 She is so stubborn , she won't listen when coming to choosing her clothes.
He is so stubborn. Never calls up after a bad fight!!!

So such type of situations are never isolated from our lives.

I remember such incident , when we used to have strict rules of not to watch TV after 9:30pm.
I was in my teens then.
I usually was a very obedient child but that day , I just argued to let me watch a movie in the night.

I remember , the TV was in my parents room.
So my parents slept and I was watching TV with the lights of the room put off.
I began feeling restless after sometimes..
Still I continued watching it.
Everything was going over my head. I was not able to understand anything but still was on with my mission.
I can't tell whether the movie was intense one or because I was sleepy , that made me a dumb spectator!!!

When the movie finished, I could not make …

Clearing backlogs!!!!

After returning from a lovely vacation, one of the biggest headaches are the backlogs!!!

Backlogs haunts and doesn't let us unwind the lovely memories of a great holiday!!
There might be thousand things to do like fixing the plumbing, a thousand mails to read or the tasks related to our work.

If not taken care of properly the backlogs are sure to squeeze the life out of you, for sure!!!
They all start hammering inside the head, stopping us to even start doing anything.

What to do , so that we can start at least??

The best thing is to make a list of all the backlogs.
Its a great way to clear our head , so that we start afresh!!!

Its great , if we prioritize our work, like which task to do first and which can be done later.

Clubbing tasks according to to there similarity and save a lot of time.
Like the work which is to be done outside the house and the works which can be done in leisure.

 My mother has a great way to complete a task.
She does the task immediately as she remembers it.
It works g…

The Annual Sojourn.

 It is the festival of harvesting today and like always,we make a sweet little trip to our village.

Its the festival to thank the almighty for being kind upon us to give us a good harvest and our ancestors too.

It was time for the much needed detox!!!
But it is very hard to follow.
Still I was able to get away from all the gadget.
And if by any chance you are appreciating my will power then I am sorry to let you know that it was a forced detox!!!

Due to continuous rain we were without electricity for two days!!!
It felt frustrated at times.

But it feels so serene and relaxed now!!
I think my mind and soul got a much needed break!!!

Loved cooking in fire ,in a traditional way too.
The food tasted just awesome when food in fire.

We shall be making so traditional sweets too in the evening!!!
Coming back to our roots feels so good and heavenly.

Loved seeing the clouds which were touching the mountains, on our way!!!
Loving the greenery around.

I wish it stays always with me!!

But still I know I have to go…