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Busy like hell yet so calm!!!

It is rightly said that Life is an adventure. It's like self discovery. 

To rediscover about yourself is so much fun.

Getting a new job last month was so much blissful to me. It was like a therapy. Getting engrossed completely in work is what I like the most. I don't think I will be ever satisfy if I have to stay doing nothing in future. I am sure to get crazy in that scenario.

So this new job is making my hand ache, giving me so less time to sleep, my eyes burn out but in spite of this ,there is so much calmness in my mind.

I know I was lost in my own hesitation , my own blinded want to go for something which was not for me.

Appreciate what you have got and opportunity shall come your way like a surprise.

Opportunity come in there way who take a step towards it. 

Some year ending self reflection!!!

I know, I know, it's after a long time but still hi everyone🙋🙋

Life is such a teacher, which I always say, I can't help sharing my feelings with everyone.

When I started writing this blog ,I was such a desperate measure to bring me out of my shell. Blogging helped me overcome all the hesitations , fear ,self doubt and whole lot of negativity. I started some 2 years back. It was like once again taking my first step into this world and face my innermost fear of not able to do anything. I know , I might have written on some topics to stand brave and shed the negativity around but I think it was more about making myself believe on those things ,which I myself had started to doubt on!!! But yes, it built me stronger and stronger to face the world and give my best.

Well once again New Year is round the corner , and everybody might have already started with the festivities. To celebrate with near and dear once, to welcome the coming period of your life with open arms,isnt it?

I remembe…