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Determine how you want the End!!!!!

A writer very diligently creates his characters , then chooses a plot and proceeds with his story. He/she is in complete command. Every new twist and turn determines and leads to a perfect ending. In between ,readers too make out your their own perspective towards it. 

Life is similarly a plot where we have our own control to write accordingly. It is we who have to decide how we have to lead it.

If you have chosen a difficult yet correct path , then you get a similar result. If you path is wrong , you shall have a similar ending.

Its said that you determine your future and likewise your death as well.

             "While I thought that I was
                     Learning how to live,I have been
                           Learning how to die".

                                                 Leonardo da vinci.

We might not come any closer to him but we can make our lives meaningful and successful in our own way, isn't it???

Anything about life and death is a very complicated topic…

Once a Hero..... Always a Hero!!!!!

A Great Son of the motherland was born to give sleepless nights to his opponents. Enemy shook by his sheer determination. He was a man with great vision... A vision to see his country free. Free from the cluctues of unforgiving jaws. It was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

He lead a matchless life. A Freedom fighter about whom the entire world took notice. A man in Disguise. His words were like spells to every warm blooded freedom fighter.

His death is a mystery. Different theories to make the matter more confusing. Even Mahatma Gandhi told netaji's family members to not to do 'shradh'(last rites).

Its was a welcome move that government declassified documents related to Netaji which was long awaited.

A great soldier like him needs all the respect and gratitude from the countrymen long back. Hope all the mystery around his death and other important facts around will come to light soon.

You are in trouble!!!!!

Our country is super obsessive with the fact that one knows to speak in English or not!!!!! 

Cities are mushrooming with English speaking classes like crazy!!! Have you seen moms speaking with their little ones in the malls??? I hate it like hell. Now come on children have the ability to learn multiple language in their childhood.
 I have no personal reason to hate the language because it helps too. But the idea of showing off puts me off completely!!!!

I myself have taken is help a lot of times and its so common!!! There was this little incident of travelling in train with my sibling. There was a lady who had a very dominating personality. She was with her family. I don't know her reason to act grumpy in front of us. We were with valid tickets though!!! It was an overnight journey. In the morning I started conversing in English with my sibling. Suddenly the lady softened up. I think my skill did their magic!!! Hahaha.... I absolutely loved it!!

Preparing for a job??? First you need t…


Daughter: He doesn't love me anymore?

Mother: It's not true!!!!

Daughter: He talks less with me...

Mother: He might me busy.

Daughter: But he talks with others very happily.
        He used to be proud of me but not anymore.

Mother: You know the reason already.
            Don't judge him my darling! Give him some             time. Remember how happy he was when you got your first prize!!! He always gave your example to others.

Daughter: I remember!!!! Those were happy days.Is it because I disobeyed him????

Mother: I guess so!!!!

Daughter: But you were always there for me whether   I succeeded or failed!!!!

Mother: That's because I am your mother my child.

Daughter: Thanks mom for standing by my side. But I shall make him love me again!!!! That's a promise.

             It feels like two different worlds. Either your father or your mother is the one who you can count on while the other is hard to convince!!! They have their own why to show their love to you. Some might even com…

New Year hiccups!!!!

Still in the party mood??? Coming out of party hangover is a bit difficult,isn't it??? After a long holiday who wants to get struck on a boring routine!!! 
   Ahh!! Its good to dream about those endless gatherings, letting your hair down in the dance floor or just enjoying your favourite delicacies. 

Coming back to reality is just like not happening sort of a thing!!!! But there is still fun around which you have to look around for your amusement!!! 

People just mess up while wishing people who have their birthdays or any anniversaries during the month of Jan.!!!! 
       Its so funny when somebody is expecting to be getting wished and ends up hearing "Happy New Year". And the the person who goof up everything acts as if nothing happened!!!

Oh! I won't talk about those mistakes when we write previous years date. Its so annoying sometimes.
      Think of the situation when you realize about it and get worried about something really very important!!!
I hate it seriously!!!!


Salute to our brave soilders.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate New Year for everyone. Some makes merry among themselves , for some it is more about spreading happiness to others.
        For some it is only about giving pain to others to make themselves happy!!!! Spreading hate is their only aim.

I don't know what makes them happy but I know one thing for sure is that , I am safe and happy because of our impeccable Army men who would lay their lives serving the country.

I salute those fearless son of the motherland  who laid their lives in Pathankot, Punjab,India.

Truth shall prevail!!!!

How to FOLLOW!!!!

Its New Year time and one thing which becomes difficult to do is to Follow!!!!! 

No no wait!! Its not about following somebody through the internet world. Of course you just have to tap a button, no rocket science,isn't it????
   What I want to say is about those hard thought revolutions, those promises you make for yourselves. Yes!! I am talking about the one which we all are worried about because there is a long list of those Broken Promises behind!!!!

Resolutions has a history of a certain fancy tag attached to it ,isn't it??? Its a must because everyone does it and its the first mistake we do. We shouldn't do anything which we do not believe whole heartedly. Make yourself strong enough and set a target.
      This is where we do our second biggest mistake. Be realistic with your target. Everything is not going to change with the blink of an eye!!!! Start with an achievable goal and then go on making the process hard and harder slowly.

I have this big problem that I don'…