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Busy like hell yet so calm!!!

It is rightly said that Life is an adventure. It's like self discovery. 

To rediscover about yourself is so much fun.

Getting a new job last month was so much blissful to me. It was like a therapy. Getting engrossed completely in work is what I like the most. I don't think I will be ever satisfy if I have to stay doing nothing in future. I am sure to get crazy in that scenario.

So this new job is making my hand ache, giving me so less time to sleep, my eyes burn out but in spite of this ,there is so much calmness in my mind.

I know I was lost in my own hesitation , my own blinded want to go for something which was not for me.

Appreciate what you have got and opportunity shall come your way like a surprise.

Opportunity come in there way who take a step towards it. 

Some year ending self reflection!!!

I know, I know, it's after a long time but still hi everyoneπŸ™‹πŸ™‹

Life is such a teacher, which I always say, I can't help sharing my feelings with everyone.

When I started writing this blog ,I was such a desperate measure to bring me out of my shell. Blogging helped me overcome all the hesitations , fear ,self doubt and whole lot of negativity. I started some 2 years back. It was like once again taking my first step into this world and face my innermost fear of not able to do anything. I know , I might have written on some topics to stand brave and shed the negativity around but I think it was more about making myself believe on those things ,which I myself had started to doubt on!!! But yes, it built me stronger and stronger to face the world and give my best.

Well once again New Year is round the corner , and everybody might have already started with the festivities. To celebrate with near and dear once, to welcome the coming period of your life with open arms,isnt it?

I remembe…


Festivities are so much part of our lives!!!

Spreading joy and happiness around.

I love them a lot!!

It has almost everything of everybody.
Someone likes meeting people, some like the shopping involved, some relish the food or some enjoy just a day with oneself!!!

As kids ,we used to enjoy the food and had a lot of fun. Nothing to worry about.

A little more older and we are after the looks. To look the best requires days of prep!!! Shopping, coordinating and what not.

And now thinks about what food to prepare, how to manage everything.
Sounds a little terrified but it's fun anyways.
Making different delicacies and people loving is so much satisfying.

Meeting people after many days and having fun together is really awesome.

And once the festival is over, it's time to wait eagerly for the next year!!!

Whats your favourite part of festival?

Wood making a comeback!!!!

I have never doubted the strength of things of the older times.

Whether it is older structures or the strength of our previous generations.
They will always remain forefront.

It's our belief in them that we again and again go back to the things of the past and make it a part of our present life.

Like ,I thought that culottes was so fresh fashion.
But when I saw the 70's actress wearing it,its like cool!!!!

It's the same thing with wood. 
They are thinking of cars made of wood, which would be lighter and stronger!!!
Such a cute little modern twist to the age old Chariot!!!!

I always think that ,everything is good if it is in sync with the environment.

Do I have a wish for anything of the past to make a comeback, then what it would me????


Telephones may be...

Guessing game!!!!

One of the best games of childhood.

I remember playing for hours together with family and friends.
Almost something of the past know a days.

But still it used to be great fun , being able to guess it right.

Isn't it interesting to know about unknown things!!
I always envy the archeologists ,who have the privilege to have access to things related to their field.

It's almost like the guessing game!!!!

After going through all the thrills and excitement while finding a new(old) things from the past, they find out the actual purpose of the object.

Of course they use different methods to know about the findings but what if they guessed them wrong!!!!

The things which are easy to perceive like the utensils or tools are OK.

But hard to justify fact can be perceived wrongly.
After all we are all humans and mistakes are part of us.

And what if , long after we are gone, what the people of that time shall perceive about us????

What if they perceive the tallest structure of our times ,to be the stairca…


Today's post is as straight as the topic. It's about the password itself!!

New age problems are sometimes so funny!!!!

It's so easy to learn or know something.
Everything happens with the click of a button, I mean with the help of hand gestures!!!!

Uncountable number of people get benefited as well. Of course I too is not far behind.
But while I enjoy everything setting at the comfort of my home , there is also a problem I have to face.

Forgetting passwords!!!!
With multiple sites the situation is intense.

Sometimes it so happens that I reset my password but still the site doesn't open up.

It happened today itself.
After repeatedly trying I gave up and decided to solve it the next day.

Thank God this doesn't happens in real life!!
Just think you have to go to your friend's house and you forget the password!!!πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

I hope this doesn't happen after a few more years!!!!

But regarding remembering the password ,I guess I need to develop skill the remember them.


Everyone wants to be in a thing or other.
 Whether it's about riding a horse or perfecting the pitching in the voice.

We put up our lives into it.
Giving our everything into it.

It all depends on the way in which we do our work.
Some get the desired result and some don't.

Even if we master something, we are not super excited about it because our priority changes in the course of time.

It's like wanting to eat something spicy after waiting for the ice cream to set!!!

With time we learn a lot of things and likewise I learned about myself that I am a little too strict about my surroundings and my family.

So I tried to change my habits and mannerisms accordingly and I succeeded even.
My family was happy about it.
I loved the imperfections I developed because I made my a little happier than earlier.

Sometimes I feel it was better earlier but at the same time I enjoy what I am now.

This made me think that nothing is perfect. It's just about the time and space we are in.
A thing can be per…

Unnecessarily embarrassed!!!!

Who likes to be embarrassed!!! 
But knowingly or unknowingly it happens. sigh!!!πŸ˜₯

And the worst are those when you are not directly responsible for it.

It happened with me more recently and had happened many times earlier as well.

I was replying to some comments to my blog post and it so happened that it was not published . 
I replayed one more time and the same thing happened.
The third time I got fed up and didn't even check whether it got published or not.

The next time I opened the post and to my horror ,my reply was published three times repeatedly!!!πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Omg!!! So embarrassed,its hard to explain even. Feels completely clueless what to do after such incidents.

Hats off to the runway models who walk the ramp even after falling.
I think it's better to learn from them and smile and stand up after embarrassing situation.

Sounds good and a better option than sitting and crying over spilled milk.
And it's better not to hide and live life to the fullest.

Multitasking a myth????

Some days back I was so much proud of myself that I can do many things at a time.
A multitasker by all standards!!!

Well ,I was living in a bubble,I guess!!!

I realized that it is impossible to do more than one thing at a time.

I cannot imagine eating and doing any work on the computer. It might appear so but watching closely we can understand the difference.
We take break from the work,then eat and after eating work again. Isn't it so????

If someone brags that I can solve mathematical problems while listening music, then I completely disagree.
Solving problems takes up a lot of concentration.
          So it might be that ,the person enjoys the music in-between the problem solving exercise or a loud music shuns the other distraction!!!!

I tried sleeping with music playing in my head phone.
And guess what , being a music lover, I started concentrating on the song instead of sleeping.
       After I turned the sound so low that I was unable the understand the lyrics, only then I was sleepy.

Inspired immensely!!

In today's time there is abundance of material to get inspired.
An unheard of type of taste  can inspire a new colour!!!

A child's imagination can be behind a new technology.

Or a wonderful music can inspire us to change our whole perspective towards life.

Obviously it's the inspiration of so many great and artistic minds which has made this world full of adventure.

As a child parents and elders where an inspiration.

Social media has been a boon in a lot of ways.
I know it also has a negative darker side to it but for now let's focus in the positive side of it. And I always believe that it is we and only ourselves who can decide which lane to choose, isn't it?

So coming back to the main topic, my sister told me a one of the quote from her insta followed accounts that

         "Once a man asked a Buddhist that              what is the meaning of anger.

          Buddhist told that its the way of                  punishing oneself for others wrong           doings."


Best times!!!

Just relaxing in a beautiful beach or going through those adrenaline rush are picture perfect to be the best time of life.

Either plan for days or within an instance, the end result is always awesome.

Who won't love it????

 Not just vacations but the achievements we get after sweating day and night or the feeling of satisfaction of have lead a good life qualifies for being called best times!!!

But life is never picture perfect. It throws us into different situations.

It's always the good times that flies by and the hard times that seems never ending.

But what I have realised that it's the hard times that teaches us a lot.
It's the hard times which makes us the person we are.

It's the hard times which makes us learn. It's the hard times which shows us the true picture.

The lessons learnt during those hard times makes way for good times. It prepares us and leads us to good times.

Those who never forget the lessons learnt in harder times, can thrive further. It brings the b…

A little OLD+ a little NEW

Loving both ends of the world is my speciality.

I cannot disregard everything Old and can love everything New. A little mix and match and I am ready to go.

The old historic buildings holds my attention the same way any new structural marvel would.

I love the old ethnic way if dressing with a modern touch.

I don't know why but I gives me a sense of staying connected to my roots.

I love how a new age medicines helps give an instant relief but how can anyone deny the richness and power of ancient medicines and techniques.

For a simple cough and cold , I prefer the old grandma recipes , easily can be made in our own kitchen.

And yes the age old traditional recipes don't taste good if made in new and instant methods,isn't it???
And the new dishes around the world is always there the excite ones taste buds!!!

It always becomes difficult to choose between exquisite jewellery with traditional designs and the chic ,ever comfortable modern ones.

Living in a new modern way with all the ameniti…

Inventor for a day!!

Everyone may not be the Galileos ,the Newtons or the Einsteins but we too invent many trivial yet important things sometimes.

Remember those hidden corners which we used to discover and spend endless peaceful times.

Or that special camera angle to make our photos superior!!!

Everyone has their own secret way of making a certain dish.
And when someone asks the recipes, we just give credit to our awesome gene!!!

It's said necessity is the mother of invention.
I had read how people learnt to use those parts of vegetable which they normally throw away, when prices of food items go high.
But when I told my mother about it, she told earlier she used to make the vegetable the same way!!!

Few days back I was cleaning the window sill, from the past few days even after cleaning it , it was not looking clean.

So on that particular day, I saw some marks of water and thought that this might be the reason of the window sill not looking clean.

While cleaning it I thought about the marks made out of water …

My messaging dilemma.

I always have this unavoidable problem of  not attending to the text messages.

It feels so boring sometimes.
Tying and tying and tying!!!!

I am a little old school as well .
I don't like writing in short forms.

I don't know why it happens with me that my messages are conveyed across wrong.
It's natural because words are just words it doesn't convey the feeling across.
Obviously , no body will be able to know by seeing the words "Oh my God", whether I told in excitement , sorry or happiness.

And another thing is that at the most important message doesn't get sent.
And the notification, msg not sent increases my heart beat!!!!

Weird things happens and nobody can stop it from occurring as well.

Of course they are a headache but it becomes great topics to talk with friends and laugh at it later, isn't it.

Those hellish stares!!!

Our sense have  no match.
Nothing can come near it. 
It's true.

We have this tendency of knowing ,whoever is staring at us from anywhere.
And when I say anywhere, it's physically I am referring to. 
Forget about those cellphone which can give knowingly or unknowingly about our whereabouts!!!

But some days back I had this weird incident when I thought that someone was staring at me and making me uncomfortable.

I didn't wanted to know who it was so avoided for sometime.

But I couldn't hold it any longer and looked towards it.

To my bewilderment, it was a mannequin!!!! Blooper!!!

I was shocked . I doubted myself.
How could I feel a mannequin staring at me???
Am I out of my mind. Like seriously!!!

I don't know the reason for it but sometimes weird things happens I guess!!!

Oh! I came to know today that the sense of being stared every time is a phobia of some kind.
Like being watched by health bands.
I mean ,it's the feeling of being satisfied but still not being satisfied because …


Yesterday I along with my family went to see a movie.
The movie was awesome . Was feeling like walking on a runway. 
It's great being all dressed up and feeling special. In Queen's mood I guess!!!!

Remember those Monday moods when we have to drag ourselves out of the bed after a long weekend and the thought of messed up work commitments glaring at us!!!!

The Instagram selfie mood is hard to achieve for me!!!! 
I secretly wish to master it but in vain.

Those overworked moods can barbeque anyone on our way.

It feels great to go to those anytime Angel mood owners for those hard days . They are like soothing balm on a unbearable headaches!!!!

Sometimes I am so bored of playing the big sister role that I feel like going on a Dumb mood vacation.
It's so easy no not to be able to understand everything,isn't it????

You are a great performer and you are appreciated equal and you love them too but sometimes being in Sloth mood would sound better!!!!

Whether shopping online or offline when …


Humans have this tendency of following the crowd .
Which is good sometimes!!!
 Let's not discuss the bad now because I got to know about a new craze doing the rounds.

I am talking about enjoying everything in Mini size.

Actually for a few months I am liking the idea of living in a small and cozy house.

And guess what ,I am not alone .
More and more people are drawn into this idea of enjoying everything in small package.

Like the idea of spending time travelling a single destination instead of going crazy going from one place to another.

      It's great in a way because the feeling of wanting more remains instead of completing everything in one go and left feeling hollow and dry!!!

Enjoying a full course meal are occasional now a days.
People enjoy food like shots.

Living in a cozy ,clutter free and simple are a great way to live, where everything is so complex and on the go.
  All the unnecessary comfort is also adding to the woes physically and mentally as well.

So hears a new trend whic…


     Puffy eyes, headache and sleepiness are associated with HANGover and so am I experiencing.

It's not after a late night party but after almost a week.

 This is not the type of HANGover that would last for a day and go by.

It would last for many weeks though!!!

It's the type nobody wants to part away with.
The one we all experience after making a trip to our native place.
Aren't they lovely????

I had this sweet opportunity for a week.

Experiencing the fresh air, those tree shades and tasting those unforgotten tastes was unbelievable.

Those experiences will be sufficient to  saviour uncountable days or months maybe.


Are you wealthy!!!

What is wealth according to you??

How much shall be too much for you???

Tagline for gold diggers????

Everybody should be a gold diggers according to me.
Because being wealthy is not only bout money.
It can be a loving heart, a healthy body or a relaxed mind may be.

Ask a tired, saturated and deprived of sleep person. A sound sleep can never be replaced by all the money of World bank.!!!! 

What shall a neglected elderly do with all the money if they don't have eneybody to care for them???

I recently got my lessons right ,when I was sick for a long time.

Eating right was what I learned, to get back strong.
Rather than looking for tasty unhealthy food I have now a days developed the habit for eating according to nutritious value.

And once a have by quota of perfect food I feel unsatisfied .

Neglecting oneself in this fast paced world is what we all are guilty of.
But it has become necessary to look after onselves.

Everybody knows what's good and what's not. It's jus…

Simply amazed!!!!

Life never seize to amaze and so does the life experiences.

I am unable to comprehend its occurance.

I had to call the Docter home for my mother's medical test.
It had to be at a exact time i.e at 3:30 pm.

So I thought, I would take a quick nap and set my alarm at around sleep . I had to call the Docter 15 min. before.
That means I had to call him at 3:15 pm.

So I went to sleep.
I don't know why I was so much sleepy that day. I usually avoid sleeping in the afternoon.

So I got up at 3:05. Called the Docter at 3:15 . 

The Docter came and took the test and went way.
I was so much relaxed after the test. That's it.
Job completed,hurry!!!

Wait wait wait... Did I mention ,why I was so much amazed????


Let's rewind a little bit.

I mention that I had to put my alarm on and go for a quick nap.
Yes!!! I got up at 3:05pm but after I got up I remembered that I had forgot to put the alarm on!!!

Isn't it amazing!! I got up without alarm.

Was it mere coincidence or some science or may …

And The Day just passed by!!!!

The  Valentine's Day just passed by.

The day have been absolutely amazing for many. And why not??? It is one of the most awaited days of the year.

A day of  love , flowers, cards, gifts and what not!!!

But like most days, it has to come to an end, isn't it???
Nature doesn't stops for anybody.

Tomorrow the same old routine continues.

We all are so much busy that a day like this makes us closer to our loved ones.
I wish there were more days like this!!!
But the rarety of the event also makes it so special.

When we are fighting every second of our life to survive, a day like this gives us the necessary pause, to enjoy and reflect back.

I think, not just this particular day but other days should be equally used as an opportunity to gift precious love to the loved ones.

And as love is not restricted to partner alone but our parents, family, pets, the favourite teacher or our bff.
Take the opportunity to usher love to the ones who have poured unconditional love on you.

I wish people know the…

Those smiles!!!!

Its already a month passes by, of the new year.
Seriously, life is a race.
We have to constantly up to the mark,isn't it.

Whenever I write a blog post, the first thing I always start with a catch word.
And during this time , the word light came to my mind again and again.

To put it into a broader picture, obviously I had to relate the word "light" to our lives.
But I was unable to relate expect some banel ways until now.

So let's march ahead and find a way to come out of this problem. What say??

Have you seen those innocent smiles of children? 
Such innocence,such purity. Its hard to stay untouched.
We long for them as an adult, isn't it???

Sometimes we counter those teasing laughs.
Its makes us hurt and bruised.
Its almost impossible to forget .
Sometimes it teaches us a lot to come above our shortcomings.
And sometimes it stays with us forever. Making us shattered forever.

Then there are those reassuring smiles which gives us strength to buck up and stand strong and form…

How was the first month???

We are still wishing each other 'Happy New Year, and already one month has passed by!!!

It's like the blink of an eye.

So how was the New Year?

Might be fun filled. More than half of the month was a party parade, isn't it????

Taking a look more closely , I discovered that , it gave me the picture of the whole year left!!!

Let me explain mine.

I took up some resolutions, the things I should do and decisions regarding the road ahead.

It was a little hectic. I somehow managed and somethings which I do regularly also got affected.

So I drew a conclusion out of everything that happened during the previous month!!!

First and foremost  is to keep our goal realistic.
Too much of everything is bad. So sort out, out of all the things you do, and prioritize everything.
Taking short term goals and accomplishing it is lot better than leaving it mid-way.

Otherwise , we shall get a negative result at the year end.

So it is very important in accessing everything at this point of time and making import…

A road to celebration!!!

We are all prepared in advance for celebrations.
Making all necessary arrangements for the D'day.

Waiting is fun too. It keeps up the energy levels up and simultaneously increasing the excitement.

As the days comes nearer ,it's almost unbearable to wait more.

Ultimately the day comes and you find yourself ill!!!!
Yes, it happened with me this time during New Year!!!

I wanted to write about it but didn't because I knew writing about it would sadden me more!!!

So it was  like, me and my bed for me!!!!

So I thought of different ways to make myself happy.
Like doing some of my favourite things or the things I was thinking to do for a long time.

Downloaded some cool apps and started entertaining myself!!!

During recovery, with lot of difficulty I went out. It was uncomfortable but I liked it.
I felt refreshed!!!

Sometimes responsibility towards others gives you a lot of strength to get well soon.
This is what I realized out of all this.

It's not aways sunny in life.
Good and bad makes our …

Machine love.

I don't know ,what today's time shall be called later.

Iron age, stone age and all were so easy to understand but it's not the case now.

Let's give it a name!!!

What say??? May be Machine Age!!!
It's sounds perfect isn't it???

Now it's almost impossible to think life without machines.
The one things we are never away is machines.

Machines are producing humans for so many years now. It's not needed to have a wife to have babies!!!!

Let be ask ,who do to lovers kiss the most???
If you thought me silly and said ,of course it's the to lovers to each other ,then think again.
Have you not noticed the number of kisses the phone gets, while two lovers talk with each other???

Now even a phone case is been designed to give back senses to the person being kissed!!!
It's hilarious sometimes for me.

Of course machines does a lot of good to some extent but we must draw a line to what extent we are dependent on it.

All thanks to machines or to be more precise the technology…

Have you tried positivity ever????

We have, many a times came across people ,who talk about bringing positivity into our own lives.

The usual blah blah...which makes us listen through one ear and let it go through other!!!

Of course ,positivity is not a thing which we can choose in the market, weigh it , pack and bring it home!!!

But with so many testimony around us ,we cannot ignore it either.

So how to make positivity ,a part of our lives????

Positivity is easy to find ,where everything is perfect and our lives runs smooth like butter.

But it has more importance in a imperfect life.
We are required to keep ourselves strong when everything around us fail.

A pinch of positivity is needed ,when we need to get up from days of sickness.
A little bit of positivity is needed when everything is dark around us and we needed to chase the light!!!

Am I sounding a little blah blah!!!!

I might be because positivity as I said cannot be purchased. We ourselves need to believe in it.

I don't know, what 2017 has done to me.
May be ,the previo…

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New YearπŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

Wishing you all a great year ahead.

Wishing for peace and happiness all around!!!

On this very first day of the year , I have done a very unexpected thing of me.
I started to learn a new thing.

It's fun and I hope ,I am able to fulfill what I have started!!!

Wishing luck to you all, who have started to learn or do something new this year.

Once again,