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MOTHER:What is the colour of the apple ?
MOTHER: And is this colour?
MOTHER:(proudly) very good!!!

I am sure everybody might have become nostalgic with this conversation.Me too. I remember drawing rainbow with all the seven colours diligently and proudly showing it to may parents and get a pat on my back. I would feel so happy.

Recently, I brought a blue colour shoes for myself and on reaching home excitedly showed my blue shoes to everybody. Everybody liked it but told me that its not blue but green. I became angry a lot . Argued with everybody and at last closed myself in the room. But I was sure that everybody was wrong and took out the outfit for which I had brought the shoes for. I was confident that after I show it to everybody their mouth will be shut. I excitedly looked at the mirror . To my horror the colour of my outfit and shoes were completely different. I almost cried. Am I turning colorblind!!!! This is not the first incident which turned out l…

how we felt until now 2

I need to catch-up with the new movie release of one of my favourite actress Kangna a few weeks back guys and I am assured of a double treat this time around because she is in a double role!!! Isn't it amazing? Even the reviews are great. I had been her fan from her first movie itself and she was a star in my eyes but she was never acknowledged untill now. Anyways past is past and I am happy she is getting her share of respect finally. I am amazed by her sheer determination to face such adversities and still  having belief in her choice of films.

When everybody was going gaga about her acting abilities  this time around ,I came across an article related to how all the male actors have been sidelined in this whole process. I am a fan of good acting and I am sure the male actors might have acted well but what interests me the most is that isn't it in the same way good performance by actresses had been sidelined for ages!!! 

This is one such instance and there are many more serious…

Vacation to Andaman

A trip to Andaman was in our to-do list for long time but it happened two years back. We all in our family where enthusiastic about it but one of our family member could not make it because of unavoidable circumstances. Due to this instead of a happy mode we all switched to gloomy mode. But anyways we reached The Andaman. We reached our logging and re-enerzised ourselves and started our tour. The first stop was the Central jail itself. Such places of historical importance brings out the sleeping patriot in me. We kept guessing about a big bell and its use. We even guessed some funny answers but its true meaning got unanswered. We were told that the Light and Sound show was not taking place  for sometime. We where very disappointed but it was our bad luck maybe. Now our mood have started changing I guess.... 

We visited other places of tourist attraction as well as the famous trip through the Jarwa area. We were strictly instructed to not to were red clothes. Even a small dot of red in …

yoga to me is......

In my teens I was desperately searching for a solution to my pimples problem.I even started using medicines to cure it.I came to know about yoga and was astonished to know that how doing simple exercises will help cure me.But still I started doing it.I got excellent results .It became a part of my life.I still continue doing it for the past 10-11 years.I even started telling about its wonderful result and uses to people.Until now it was only a type of exercise to me,a means to keep one healthy.

With time our priorities changes. With change in priorities new problem surfaces and with new problems new health issues come into light.Mental tensions, depression was engulfing me for the past some time.And I know medicines won't help cure me.

I was proud that June 21 is declared the International yoga day.Another day to celebrated with the world together.A day to celebrate heathy life all over the world.The day was celebrated with enthusiasm everywhere.This lead to discussions regarding…

how we felt until now

Thank God people understood how difficult it is for girls and women to wear heels.Sometimes I think it is a self inflicting practice of women to punish themselves in the name of beauty and this phenomenon is worldwide.Today itself i read a news on women collapsing due to her skinny jeans!!!!There may be so many stories like this which we are aware of.
    I think its high time comfort, in which ever way ,must be the priority and be the most beautiful in your own way.