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What is fashion to you???

"This is absolutely in Fashion".

What does the above idea mean??

Does it says, a particular style approved globally?

I always wonder , how can a particular style be appropriate for so many different shapes, sizes,colour or even occasions???
   I find it a little weired.

I love wearing what I am comfortable in.
Sometimes it depends on the mood , whether to dress up or dress down.
Of course who wants to end up in heavy makeup and 
dressy in a casual setting!!!!
I think what matters the most is the confidence and ease with which you carry yourself, isn't it???

After all we should enjoy and please overselves first ,instead of thousand others!!!!

There are some bizarre beauty challenges , I have heard about and they all are like insane!!!
I wonder , why it is necessary to look a certain way?? 
Have it ever crossed your mind that , it might be natural to a person which might be beautiful on that person but might look totally absurd on you!!!
Or may be that particular feature we die for ,mig…

Where do you get your Inspiration from???

Whoever we are, whatever we might be doing in our lives, we need an inspiration.

A simple housewife too needs inspiration to get life rolling. A simple yet important fact to keep her family happy and content, inspires her in her greatest endeavour. 

An artist, let it be painter , musician , performer or anyone, takes inspiration most commonly from Nature.
The different hues of colour might brings their inspiration alive or the flowing of river might activate the senses of a musician to fill every tune from his /her instrument!!!!

Nature doesn't inspires artist alone.
Its impossible to be left untouched by Nature's spell by the science world.
For me science is nothing but studying Nature.
But now people have deviated from this fact but still there is lot of proof to associate science from nature. 
Be it be Airplanes , a sub marine or a robot instead , which is inspired from human being which of course is Nature.

A chirping bird even can inspire a person to help a person start his/her da…

A few things to learn from animals!!!!

It surprises me a lot when people use animal's name as slangs!!!!
I am completely against cussing and using slangs but its a surprise when people address others as dog, bitch or donkey , for instance.

To my understanding cussing is usually meant to shame others by using derogatory terms. 
How a dog ,a bitch , a donkey or anything else,can ever be derogatorily used, when they are the best in their fields???

Few days back , the sniffer dog who detected bombs during the 26/11 Mumbai attack and many other successful missions, died due to old age.
Almost impossible for us humans,isn't it????

How can we forget those help dogs ,who never fail to do their duties???

Great Indian economist , philosopher, royal advisor Chanakaya of 3 century b.c , have said  that , we should learn certain qualities from animals such as

LION: Who puts all his strength on hunting , as if nothing else to do.
Likewise , we should go our work with all our strength and energy.

DOG: Sleeps sound but wakes up with slighte…

Introducing a little bit of Nature in my life.

Nature has always attracted me towards it , but the hunger to achieve all my aspirations is keeping me busy to now. 
Its for sure that after chasing all those dreams down ,I would like to get lost in nature's bounty!!!!

Sounds like a perfect life, isn't it????

But for now , its back to a harsh reality!!!! 

Well it might take some time to get the peacefulness of the natural surrounding but Nature can be introduced in many tiny ways.

During graduation time when one of my friends told me that ,I could get rid of pimples doing some simple yoga, it amazed me.
But now I don't think it is that easy to deny the power of yoga!!!
It was almost impossible at that time to believe that doing 'pranayam'( breathing exercise ,which is a part of yoga)could make me pimples free.

          Somehow I started doing it and got some great results. Now yoga has become a part of my life.

Its said that , ones kitchen is beauty heaven!!!!
I follow a lot of things organic in my day to day life.

Its a co…

Still waiting for the happiest day!!!

Missing those little joy for that bigger happiness????

 Just STOP!!!!!

Life is so short and more than half of the time we just let the happiness slip by ,so that we could be happier later!!! But why???

Do we even know that whether we shall get a chance later or not???
Then how can be so careless in the present time???

Relish every single moment that comes your way!!

May be your favourite ice cream near your old school , a new hair cut which might be just awesome or may be just roaming around doing nothing.

Give a moments break from an almost chocking Dream List .
Trust me it is more beneficial than you thought. Makes you super charged to progress towards your dream even!!!

And if you ever thought that your time is waisted , think again, because it all depends on the effort and hard work you put in the present ,shall decide your future!!!

So stop only waiting for that big day and enjoy the life to the fullest.

My food smells non-vegetarian!!!!!

It has been some time, when I turned vegetarian.
I never thought that I would be able to shun the non vegetarian diet from my life, but yes I managed and going strong as well!!!
Quiet an achievement ,I guess!!!

Well this article is not to discourage others or their choice of food. Absolutely no!!!
What it is about is ,what I experienced lately and believe me it was rather surprising.

Cooking is what I learned a few years back and I am sort of proud of it. They are all completely homely dishes nothing special!!
 I learned cooking after I turned vegetarian . So I was 
a little relieved because I did not had to learn cooking non vegetarian food because I never thought I could master it, like my mom.
Actually , who wants to put so much effort when it was so easy only relishing it!!! He he.....

OK lets come to the point straight.
So ,I was cooking food as usual and thought that I got the smell of egg bhurji. If you don't know what egg bhurji then I can tell you that you have to fry some green ch…

Easy on pocket Summer Getaways!!!

Come summer and their are thousands of tour packages to lure you into best deal of the year.

Who don't want to relax and enjoy some family time away from an almost never ending scorching heat ,isn't it???

New concepts have been creating a lot of buzz lately, which are a little unconventional yet enjoyable.
  This had bought a little relief to the medium section
 customers. They have become so popular that it interests every section of the society now.

Who doesn't want a little breakaway from the regular routine , isn't it???? Even luxury can bore you sometimes!!!!

People are intentionally opting for a low cost vacation which are environment friendly as well. Its a great way to connect with nature as well as conserving it!!! Instead of staying on high end resort , a abode in natural surrounding sounds surreal.

  Another concept have emerged where people getaway without making any reservations at all. Experiencing a completely unpredictable situation. They stay and eat whatever…