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My "ME TIME"...

Some days we are energetic and sometimes we are just a couch potato. We just don't want to do anything on those lazy days. We act grumpy even arrogent some times. Don't want to leave the bed. It feels like we are stuffed inside the bed ,isn't it???

I once visited the docter and the docter made me understand that ,the way we behave is already in our gene. So then I understood that my laziness is because of my crazy gene!!!! But with time I have made myself to work my quotabefore anyone shouts at me to be lazy. So in my bad mood I turn into my earlier self ,lazy gal!!!

Some days back I was just wondering why do I behave like a spoilt kid. After mulling over it I came to the conclusion that it depends on how I start my day.

Now it's a mystery that how a whole day is decided by the way I start my day!!! It's because I am a morning person. I love waking  up in the morning and doing yoga. If I miss those precious time my world is upside down. It energizes me to the fullest …


Don't be judgemental guys but it's true!!!!
No I am not a Christian , Buddhist , Muslim, Jain or anything else but one thing is for sure that my religion is not Hinduism.

 Hold on!Hold on! Before you all think me to be insane I want to make it clear that my religion has no name !!!!  Don't tear away your pillows , but its the truth!!!

The Vedas has no such terms as Hindus or the epics The Ramayan or the Mahabharata has made such references. Its mostly during the 14th C that poets of our country have used this terminology. 

How the word Hindu came into existence is still obscure. Its probably of Persian origin. 

It doesn't make sense why everybody gives names to my country. Like during British rule , they changed it to India!!!

During colonial period , everybody living in India was 
known as a Hindu. It was later on to distinguish themselves that they were divided into Hindus, Buddhist , Jains etc. 

Previously , there were two sects of people , one who followed God Shiva and th…

Now a word is not a word!!!!

Not only fashion , infact every aspect of our life is repeating itself again and again. 

Its a common dialogue by my mom which pisses me off , "oh we have wore such dresses or heels"!!!! Grrrr...

I look at big mobile phones  which no longer  fit on the concept of anything mobile!!!! You can fool a lot due to the mobile (he he he) . People will return to those same old dial phones!!!!

Our way of speaking has undergone a lot of change . It was very fun to know that ,The word of the year is an emoji !!!! It feels like we no longer need words to express ourselves , isnt it??? Making our life easier!!! 

Don't these emojies remind you of something long forgotton???? Think guys. Ok any guesses???

Ok enough of those guessing games....
Its.......the PICTOGRAM ....

The only difference is the 'e' thing.... I mean we use it in computer of course!!!! ( No rocket science...)

What I like about emoji is that they cannot be too offensive. And its touch of innocence is so refr…

Being the first child 2

In my previous post of the same title , I discussed only about the situations we are thrown into. But whatever the situation is , most of the elder kids are protective as well sacrificing type.

Next to parents , it is the elder siblings who takes care of the younger ones. That parental instinct is inborn I think!!!! Taking care when your mother is busy, paying their school fees , asking for a toffee or two instead of change are some of the few things the elders do unknowingly ,isn't it???

However , it is the younger ones because of whome you get an opportunity to act bigger!!! Oh! That feels good!!!! At last someone to boss around.(he he he)

I have seen many a times that elder brother and sister take care of their siblings so much that they even sacrifice leading an easy life. They are more biased towards their siblings than their own children.!!! It is the situation some of us are a witness to it also.... Remember how they would buy presents for you along with their children. Recall…

Paris burning!!!!

Paris burning....
No , the whole world burning!!!
Why so much devastation around??? My heart bleeds in such situation. When will this all stop ever???

The scene seems as if it is repeating again and again.... Feeling like an orphan ,with nobody to protect me!!! Who is responsible for all this things??? Its time we need to know why humanity is scarifed time and again!!!! 

Blood everywhere!!! It looks so scary. 

I think dropping bombs are not what is required. Blood will lead to blood. Instead of killing a handful we should kill its cause . Otherwise again an army of devastation will raise.

I am in loss of words today.

In this time of sorrow and helplessness , may God give you strength and courage to stand against this adverse situation....

We shall shine the brightest!!!!

Happy Diwali to everyone!!!! Oh I love this festival a lot.

For me its all about making rangoli , lighting diyas and making a whole lot of different snacks!!!! Marvelling the bright diyas brings so much joy to me, that I can't explain...

For me, the traditional diyas are a perfect win/win preference than the artificial lights. But I am not complain because everybody has their own rights to celebrate the festival in their own way.

Some play cards , some visit other's house and for some its all about crackers!!!! Busting crackers five days before and after the diwali as well!!!

Diwali as said , is the celebration of good over evil, should be the time to destroy the evilness in us...       
I remember , when I was a kid, I used to pray to God before my running competition , to break the leg of the champion!!!! Oh! its so embarrassing now to talk about it!!! Of course I don't do it now!!! 

And when we are free of these evilness we shall shine the brightest!!!!

I know , these things s…

That's why Malala thanked Emma!!!

I fail to understand , why the word feminism is taken to be pejorative. Standing up for feminisim itself is the first step towards feminism. 

People may say you are free enough to speak then why to stand up against androgenity!!! You are free to dress up , to put your mind across , may be placed high up in the society by yourself , then why so much  chaos!!! Its not about achievements , its about how you have achieved it. Always have the burden of thinking about others before yourself , you even become bad if you don't marry early because you want to fulfill your dreams. A person is not of bad character if she earns her living by venturing out in the darkness and reporting the vices of the society.

I was shocked to see a 21 years old women with wrinkles featuring in an Advt. about women empowerment!!! Isn't it ironic??? Her wrinkles speaks a lot about her struggle!!!

More than speaking about ourselves , it is our responsibility to speak about the disadvantaged one , who might be …

Last minute shopping.....Oh hell!!!

 It is the biggest nightmare to happen to anybody. Shopping at death hours is like hell!!!! You can be on the either side of the see-saw , either you shall get a super cool deal or a bangger!!! 

Some do it intentionally and some because they are just unlucky.
If you had been unable to get a shopping date early on then here are some pointers you should keep in mind: 1) Never get into an illusion of super sale because you can get on a good or bad deal.

            2) All have a pre-concived idea about what you want before going to shopping.

            3) Don't get disillusioned by what your friend brought because I might not suit you.

            4) Don't follow fashion blindly. You will look the best  in what you are confident in.

If due to lack of time , you just brought what was looking good on maniqquine , then you are in big trouble!!!!

Sometimes you are in a situation that , you brought a dress and the moment you unpack it , it looks so banal. But don't loose heart , you can…

Another year ends!!!

It is correctly said , "time flies by"!!! Another year coming to an end. We have grown our experience for another year , isn't it??? ( it is better than saying growing old!!!!).

Well , everybody has their on perspective. Some grow sadder and some are happy. Rather than be sad , just enjoy it, as in no way you well be able to change it!!!

Some might have reached their goal , some on their way , some might plan it for the next year and some not even given it a thought. Mine was not so fruitful but still I have not lost hope as well. Every work of mine moves at a slow pace. Dodging even in the middle, compelling me to choose a path between two most important things of my life. And taking the longest of time to be fulfilled!!! But still I am hell bent to achive it. This is the only goal left in my life.

My story is on the sadder side , so let's leave it behind now and move ahead , what say??? Oh wait ,how can I forget the most incredible thing I started doing  this year?? M…