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Away with the awkwardness!!!!

When we are at  a new place, meeting a new person or situation, there is a sense of awkwardness in the air. 

It cannot be helped , it's bound to happen to introverts mostly. But there are so many new ways of avoiding them or breaking the ice, isn't it.

Thanks to social media, it's so easy. It's so easy to write or "like" maybe , to starting being familiar. 

But there are situations which cannot be avoided , which arises meeting face to face. Like for example , this is a students birthday , I was invited to. The family is our neighbors as well . I am familiar with the family too but I didn't know how to face the situation. So I helped serving the kids after the party, rather than sit at a corner like a strict teacher.

I don't know what impression I might have put on others but I was relieved at that very moment.

That's the way I pulled out of that situation. I don't think its bad to behave a little relaxed as such.

It's good for me till someone i…

What is that one cloth or accessory that defines you?

My scarf and my big handbag is what defines me the most.

Whether it's my sister , my relatives or anybody who know me, whenever they see a bag store or a scarf store , they immediately associate it with me. 

 I am actually confident about my scarf or bag shopping skills and it can never go wrong.

So if anyone need them, a wild goose chase happens in order to find me or I am turned into a shopping cart with all their wish list(accept I have to choose!!!!). There is always this tension of whether they will like it or not. But at the end everybody is happy.

The thing is ,I enjoy everything related to it.

What are your signature style!???

My New Year Resolution!!!


Oh my God!!! We all entered another year. I remember I stared my previous year on a very positive note and wish to do so this year as well. I know the path I have chosen will bring me towards more happiness and continue to do so .

But this time I shall make myself count for the promise I shall fulfill this year is to Read some good books. I had read some last year but I don't think it was satisfactory. So I shall make myself richer in knowledge this year for sure.

If there is night, there shall also come a day to shine and spread your light to the entire world.