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Decide your own worth!!!

It is great to know that Indus civilization dates back to some 8000 years , not as was known earlier to be 5500 years old!!!
More older than Egyptian civilization!!!!

There was never a doubt about it. It was just waiting to be proved!!!
Everything was assumed according to British findings. But now , as ASI(Archeological Survey of India) and IIT-K(Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) has found out a site much greater than the earlier site.

It really is a proud moment!!!!

Our day to day life too sees such moments.
We are so worried about what others think about us!!!

It is a constant race to prove others.
We let others define us and get lost in the process.
Its us and only us who knows our true worth.

Don't get succumbed to other peoples judgement.
It might be true sometimes. But other than pondering unnecessarily about it , we can improve, isn't it??

Sometimes ,their are people who knowing try to belittle us.
Don't be fooled by it!!!

Don't let others decide your worth!!!

Satisfied or not??

Everyone works towards getting satisfaction ,I guess!!!

Some get it after a lot of effort and for some it's just a cat walk.
For some , it doesn't matter a lot. They are the kind who love living each day as it comes. Feels kind of jealous, isn't it????

  It really feels great to see all your hard work shining bright on you!!!

As we grow old it becomes more and more unsatisfying day by day.

We look for the perfect fit, when we are talking about clothes and shoes.
Those endless hour searching for the proper fit is nerve-racking !!!
The whole store goes upside down!!!!

If we are so particular about our need , why don't we give a thought about , what size fridge we need to buy or may be how many gadget we need in real time???

We just follow the herd!!!!
Sometimes its not necessary for us but either we fall in the trap of the bussiness strategies or sometimes we are not bothered enough about it!!!!

Is it practical to go for a 140 cm TV in a small living room!!!!

 Gone are the days when…

How do you prepare for your exams????

Living is like constantly proving ourselves.
Its like 24/7 , till death!!!

Whether it is about taking the first step as a baby, cracking the job interview or taking vows to love each other for the entire life, everything is examination.

We pass some and fail some.
Life throws us in such a situation that we don't even realise about it!!
And there are so many cases , where we just fail to move on after a failure. We spend our entire life , struck in the same spot.
Life is to short , so don't get disheartened and raise again and try again!!!

When we fail, the first thought that comes to our mind is, why it had to happen with us???
Instead of thinking like that we should better think about , where we lagged behind???

Sometimes it becomes very important to just hang a little bit longer and believe in our belief!!!

It is interesting to find that , people who had tasted failure earlier in life have come out strong and succeeded.

I always believe that hard work never goes wasted.
You may have not…

A fight between two,always benefits the third!!!

Remember those fight between your sibling, your bf , or your colleague, where it had created havoc for no reason at all , but benefited someone other!!!!

After all the damage, we realized that , everything was avoidable and was almost silly of us .

Ego is the culprit sometimes and sometimes it is a simple misunderstanding.

What is most serious is that the outsiders take advantage of the situation!!!
They may spun a few stories to make the situation a little bit more interesting.

Or think of the 'I know it all' colleague , who earns an appraisal or an important project due to you and your friends fight.

There are even more serious problems when as countrymen, we fight among ourselves and our country's enemy are ready to take advantage of the situation to cause mass destruction!!

The thought of it is even horrifying!!!!

Life is short, so we should enjoy it and if possible help a few lives enjoy it as well....

As a family, as friend and as a country , we should stand together to fight…

Which hand of yours, do you love the most???

Ha!!! Sounds weird isn't it???

I know ,I am a little weird sometimes and my family vouches for it as well!!!
But those little weirdness in us, makes our lives interesting , isn't it???

OK before being labelled a psycho, let me come to the main topic ,I would like to discuss.

Some years back, I had this interesting thought which came to my mind that, why not assign some work to my left hand because I was hurting my right hand(I am right-handed) too much.Glee....

I shared the thoughts with my friends mother and she was stunned for some time but she agreed too.
I can't imagine what she thought about me!!!!

That day I tried working with my LH(Left Hand) the whole time!!!
It was difficult but I managed somehow.

But the next day , the story was back to usual.
I was working with my RH(Right Hand).

It may be because of the fact that the pain receded the next day. 
Who don't need a little break, isn't it???

Its not only about the hand , its the same with everything.
Like , we put a lot o…

Oh!! How much I love Summer!!!!

Its absolutely normal to hate summers.
But like everything , Summers has its good sides too.

If you thought summers are all about scorching heat and sweat , you better think again!!!!
Don't we all love to laze around with our favourite board games or an exciting get-togethers!!!!

Thank the  Summers ,for those lovely getaways to exotic locations!!!

Its might have been one of the reason why Nature is called mother that,we get the most tasty fruits, like mango during summers!!!

I remember , during summers our mother used to buy new sets of clothes.
And it was before summers, we would get our new school books.

Of course , a trip to grandparents house used to be amazing.
All we cousins used to have a blast.

There is always a touch of nostalgia in the air during Summers.

Childhood days are a pass. With growing age , time is less.
But still we can enjoy it in our own way,isn't it.
I recently enjoyed a game of ludo and pillow fight with my bro to refresh me up and inspired me to write about it her…

Do you learn from your mistakes????

You are not Human enough, if you don't commit mistakes!!!!

Of course , mistakes are a part of our lives.
I think, they have the deepest impact on our lives.

Mistakes leads to failure and failure teaches us a lot of things which success can't !!!!
It makes us a fighter. A fighter who is competent enough to fight all the adversities of life.

But it is only possible when we learn from our mistakes.

Every individual have their individual way of thinking and an equally individual way to tackle a problem.
We might learn from our mistakes or plainly ignore them!! Or a third type, where the person might be aware of the mistakes , but give it a damn!!!

Some try to hide their mistakes by either behaving in such a way that they know nothing about it ,and some try to be more angrier ,so that they can hide away their mistakes!!!

It pisses me off, when people try to dominate, instead of accept their mistakes.

Its very important for me to learn from mistakes and do my best to never repeat them.
And if …