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Inspired immensely!!

In today's time there is abundance of material to get inspired.
An unheard of type of taste  can inspire a new colour!!!

A child's imagination can be behind a new technology.

Or a wonderful music can inspire us to change our whole perspective towards life.

Obviously it's the inspiration of so many great and artistic minds which has made this world full of adventure.

As a child parents and elders where an inspiration.

Social media has been a boon in a lot of ways.
I know it also has a negative darker side to it but for now let's focus in the positive side of it. And I always believe that it is we and only ourselves who can decide which lane to choose, isn't it?

So coming back to the main topic, my sister told me a one of the quote from her insta followed accounts that

         "Once a man asked a Buddhist that              what is the meaning of anger.

          Buddhist told that its the way of                  punishing oneself for others wrong           doings."


Best times!!!

Just relaxing in a beautiful beach or going through those adrenaline rush are picture perfect to be the best time of life.

Either plan for days or within an instance, the end result is always awesome.

Who won't love it????

 Not just vacations but the achievements we get after sweating day and night or the feeling of satisfaction of have lead a good life qualifies for being called best times!!!

But life is never picture perfect. It throws us into different situations.

It's always the good times that flies by and the hard times that seems never ending.

But what I have realised that it's the hard times that teaches us a lot.
It's the hard times which makes us the person we are.

It's the hard times which makes us learn. It's the hard times which shows us the true picture.

The lessons learnt during those hard times makes way for good times. It prepares us and leads us to good times.

Those who never forget the lessons learnt in harder times, can thrive further. It brings the b…

A little OLD+ a little NEW

Loving both ends of the world is my speciality.

I cannot disregard everything Old and can love everything New. A little mix and match and I am ready to go.

The old historic buildings holds my attention the same way any new structural marvel would.

I love the old ethnic way if dressing with a modern touch.

I don't know why but I gives me a sense of staying connected to my roots.

I love how a new age medicines helps give an instant relief but how can anyone deny the richness and power of ancient medicines and techniques.

For a simple cough and cold , I prefer the old grandma recipes , easily can be made in our own kitchen.

And yes the age old traditional recipes don't taste good if made in new and instant methods,isn't it???
And the new dishes around the world is always there the excite ones taste buds!!!

It always becomes difficult to choose between exquisite jewellery with traditional designs and the chic ,ever comfortable modern ones.

Living in a new modern way with all the ameniti…