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A little extra feels like heaven!!!

Who don't likes "a little extra"??? 
It's like music to ears.

We willingly work overtime to get a slight peak in our monthly income, killing ourselves in the process!!!!

Who can deny those complimentary gifts, like a free breakfast or a gift hamper, during our stay in the hotels....

Don't talk about sales. BOGO(Buy One Get One) is what we wait patiently all year round, isn't it???
Who even cares abount the extra splurge we get into??? And later on we give all sort of justifications about how the free one can be used for other occasions!!!!
We even end up buying an unwanted product to get the free item!!!
    Oh God! Save our souls : )

Likewise , I feel the month of February too has similar vibes!!!
That extra on day every four years feels so magical. It feels like I got a day extra in gratitute.
I know I might sound silly to you but sometimes it becomes a way to de-stress ,what say????

Breaking away from ugly reality is refreshing sometimes, so that we can come back str…

Childhood!!! Full of fun and as well as worries.

Childhood days were so much fun , isn't it???
It has its own charm. Those days of innocence we all  feel nostalgic about!!!

Everybody has a little secret as well , what say????
That place under the table , which was your own kingdom!!! It had access to you and nobody else. You would slip silently for hours together.

There are so many little problems you would face without anybody noticing it and after you grow big , you realise that now you don't have that difficulty anymore.

Sometimes you don't know,when you are a child, that why you were slow in understanding anything. And now when you are a grown up you wonder why you where such an idiot!!!

I was thinking hard for the past few days about what topic to discuss in my next post , then I came across this problem which was not a big problem though , of not being able to identify similar faces or similar facial features!!!
 I know I may sounds weird now but yes it used to baffle me sometimes.
Whenever a new baby was born in my family…

Welcoming Back the old ways in Hindi cinema!!!

It is good to see Hindi Cinema returning back to its old ways where performance preceded over anything else.

With so many awesome movies , I am spoilt of choice know!!!!

A good story , a good direction or a good performance is like music to ears. You don't need to worry about your pocket in that case.

Seeing actors putting efforts for a role makes wanting you more and more each time. With so many good movies , I am pretty sure that more people might be scourging the movie theaters than some times back. After all enjoying a movie in theaters has its own charm,isn't it???

It has come a long way when people worldwide were sceptical about it being movies with song and dance. Now people enjoy it the most because they have come to understand our perspective of telling stories as well as showing emotions through singing and dancing.

Songs from the old movies are always my favourites. How could we ever forget those marvels of music?? Their composition , music and singing still unmatched!!!…

A Geek or a Diva???

Around you are different types of people. Some might be crowd pullers , some you want to run away from while some go unnoticed.

Crowd pullers are the most interesting types , represented by two very different set of people. But the thing in common between them is their uniqueness , isn't it????

On one side these people are absolutely charming!!! Everybody wants to be associated with them. They might be the most beautiful or with certain ability in the field of art , sports and stuff like that. You aspire to be like them some day!!!!
On the other side are the Geeks or the nerds. They are like pet of the teachers or the employers. You might hate them the most. They are bullied sometimes to satisfy others egos!!!
 Their appearance might disturb you the most but some of them take pride in it !!!!
 They sometimes put their best foot forward during certain days and look altogether like a different person. You might wonder that they act knowingly the other days to give other shock on certain …


I miss those days when every went ga-ga over me. I feel so lonely and neglected now.
 Sitting alone I sometimes wonder, why this has to happen with me???? What wrong did I do  to anyone???? I was the one who used to spread happiness around. I was the most sweetest ,whether you were alone or with everyone!!! So why I have been left alone???? Oh!! I have no one besides me.
I know it's all because of the new one!!!  I have been replaced by the new one. I know it's the greatest rule of the universe. Everyone gets replaced one day or the other. It hurts the most when a non-deserving one gets the privilege.
I remember, the new one used to be a badie.Where there used to be negativity around, you could find it. Broke many a hearts, made people's lives miserable.
POUT:  Excuse me!!              Are you talking about me???
SAY CHEESE: Leave me alone. You are not worth it.
                        I hate you!!!!

POUT: Don't be a spoilsport bro!!!
             Everybody has its day.

Overcooked Potatoes!!!!

I remember , once I wanted to make stuffed parathas. Oh yum!!!!! I absolutely love them.
 So I prepared to boil the potatoes and put them in pressure cooker.
Avery thing was ready. I had already kneaded the flour and kept aside. I just had to stuff mashed potatoes in it. To my horror , the potatoes were overcooked!!!! 
I tried cooking my paratas but I could not mould them properly because the potatoes were not in a position to get cooked.
  It broke my heart. I had to contain myself with plain

Life's recipe is exactly the same. It should contain proper ingredients that too in balanced amount,isn't it???? 
    Life needs a balance too. Too much of anything spoils the game.

Excessive confidence may lead us to our downfall. Remember , the same confidence had given you your job even taken you past your biggest competitor.

 Don't dare complain about an awkward pain in your hands to your mother after shopping for hours together on mobile apps!!!!!

 Now a days in less time we have…

Our Friend!!!

Who's your best friend?
The one with who me you share everything!!!
Or the one who helps you in every crisis???
Maybe the one with whom you fight endlessly yet become anxious to gossip about!!!

There may be different types of friend but the type I am talking about stays with everybody!!! Even the most stoic or cynical one cannot live without it.....  

It stays with you forever right from your birth!!!!

When you are an infant , you shared most of your time . You don't need to wait endlessly!!! Your parents love your friendship the most at that time.

Still scratching your head guessing!!!!

     Its your "SLEEP" guys.... Don't you agree!!!

Your parents shower their love the most when you are in your sweet dreamland!!!!
 Its the time when parents actually want their child to sleep.

Once you enter your teen , happy days are gone. Its only you and not your parents , who enjoy your sleep.
Remember , how you would beg for those extra time to sleep and your parents only love to wake …