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In transit!!

Every journey has its own aspect to it.

If going on a vacation, the excitement of visiting a new place thrills everyone.
Starting from searching important places of visit to checking the weather of that place.

The long list of goodies for everyone is the fun to shop for.

If going for work purpose, its all tireing.
Running to complete all presentation and looking after all the paper works.

After the work is done , then its all about relaxation.

 Well I love everything about a journey.
 If its a long journey , I usually tire myself before the journey !!!
I know it sounds weird but during journey its only no work . So after getting myself tired it uselly feels good.

It feels great studying different types of personalities.

Snacking mindlessly is what I like to refrain from.
I know it is really hard but if you want to stay away from awkward situations ,its worth it!!

With a lot of idle time, its best to keep a great book in your company.
If not like reading , of course there is Pokémon go !!!

How can I …

Shy to converse???

World is all about communication.

Its so easy now to converse with a person sitting in a far of place.

In today's world , we one way or the other converse with our thumb!!!

 Real time conversation has taken a back seat for sure.
We may not realize but conversing in real time, is equally important.
Like joining a new college, office or just making new friends in your new neighbourhood.

Its great if you have the skills of making a fluid conversation but there are some for whom conversing is not that easy.

Some may be simply shy and for some it might be their nature.

I remember, it was the annual function after taking part in the activities, I could converse with everyone.

I realized that , it may be considered politeness but as we grow old its perceived to be your arrogance.

Well,I am perfectly OK to be called arrogant because I myself know that I am not. Its isn't easy to make happy everyone!!!

But what is really important is the fact that, it becomes necessary to know the art of conversi…

Work for free now, get your dues later!!!

The most important part about starting any work ,is the start itself.

A good start , is the job half done.

But its not that easy to start, when there is no sign of encouragement.
Minimal returns sinks your hopes further down.

Keeping your believes intact ,under such conditions , is almost impossible.

We end up switching jobs or sometimes the quality of work starts degrading.

Sometimes we make decisions according to what others have achieved in that particular field!!!

So what should we do , to take our work or passion to greater heights???

I believe that its important to stick to your believes.
Have a little faith in what you want to do.
Everything needs a little time to grow.
It is just like a fragile sapling, which need the most care.

Likewise, think your work or your passion to be like a sapling, which needs a lot of patience and perseverance.

This is the time , we need to give our best,inspite of the worst situation.
And like a tree, when it grows , your work shall give you the fruit of your ha…

Food!!An important part of our society.

Our world revolves around food, isn't it???

I wonder ,how in every occasion ,the food is in spot light.
Like the star of the show!!!

No matter how much preparation we do on other things,if the food is not good , it leaves a bad impression.
And out of everything if the food is good, then every other mistake is forgotten, for sure.

Whether getting along with neighbours for the first time, or cracking a deal with your bussines partner.
A good food always gives a personal touch.

If you yourself know to cook, then you are your own life saver,in my opinion.
I myself learned cooking thinking the same way!!!

There is competition to make food fast.
There were 10 min. meal, then 2 min. And now 1 min. meal is in rage!!!

Even if one is not a foodie, still food plays an important role.
One does a lot of research making the food itself slim(healthy!!!) and then consumes it , to become slim!!!

From childbirth to ones death , this cycle is repeated again and again!!!!

It might be the basic requirement for one …

3 cheers to Olympics!!!

Its absolute extravagance.
I really like when sportsperson from all over the world get together in a common platform and perform!!!

When every single day brings news of horror from all the parts of the world, this event is absolute wonder.

It gives a reason to get-together and make merry,in such difficult period.

I am not a hard core athlete, but still,I have the wildest dream of wearing my country's Jersey and represent my country!!!
I know ,I am sounding a little insane right now.
But still I can't help it!!!

Well still it feels great to cheer for one's own country.
And  the anxiety and joy it brings with it, is worth it!!

Supporters go to great length to support their favourites.
Some wear a particular colour ,some don't wash for days and some were different charms to work in their favour.

Thanks to all the sportsperson for bringing so much joy to us , because of their hard work and dedication.
Its the time to support the contingent of your own country as well as your favourite…

Was feeling a little rustic!!!

Does it ever happen that you are not able to do a particular thing,which you are an expert in, after a long time??

Sometimes weird things happen.
And this is one of them.

It so happened that , I wanted to write something in the language I am well versed in, but not able to do it in a flow!!!

It felt very awful!!!
Oh my God! the amount of mistakes I was making was insane.

I even doubted my capability and thought of discontinuing it,at a point!!!
It is so hard to accept failure ,isn't it???

But still , I continued writing.
And to my surprise, the condition became better day by day.

And after I finished it, after a month, I think I got my normal expertise back.

When I turned to the first few pages, I couldn't stop laughing on myself!!!
It felt so silly.

I think it happens when we loose touch in a particular thing, for a long time.
We just need to brush up a little,isn't it???

And yes, this is the continuation of a new field I am trying to learn.
I hope I don't forget it after a long time…