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Humans have this tendency of following the crowd .
Which is good sometimes!!!
 Let's not discuss the bad now because I got to know about a new craze doing the rounds.

I am talking about enjoying everything in Mini size.

Actually for a few months I am liking the idea of living in a small and cozy house.

And guess what ,I am not alone .
More and more people are drawn into this idea of enjoying everything in small package.

Like the idea of spending time travelling a single destination instead of going crazy going from one place to another.

      It's great in a way because the feeling of wanting more remains instead of completing everything in one go and left feeling hollow and dry!!!

Enjoying a full course meal are occasional now a days.
People enjoy food like shots.

Living in a cozy ,clutter free and simple are a great way to live, where everything is so complex and on the go.
  All the unnecessary comfort is also adding to the woes physically and mentally as well.

So hears a new trend whic…