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Festivities are so much part of our lives!!!
Spreading joy and happiness around.

I love them a lot!!

It has almost everything of everybody.
Someone likes meeting people, some like the shopping involved, some relish the food or some enjoy just a day with oneself!!!

As kids ,we used to enjoy the food and had a lot of fun. Nothing to worry about.

A little more older and we are after the looks. To look the best requires days of prep!!! Shopping, coordinating and what not.

And now thinks about what food to prepare, how to manage everything.
Sounds a little terrified but it's fun anyways.
Making different delicacies and people loving is so much satisfying.

Meeting people after many days and having fun together is really awesome.

And once the festival is over, it's time to wait eagerly for the next year!!!

Whats your favourite part of festival?


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What is that one cloth or accessory that defines you?

My scarf and my big handbag is what defines me the most.

Whether it's my sister , my relatives or anybody who know me, whenever they see a bag store or a scarf store , they immediately associate it with me. 

 I am actually confident about my scarf or bag shopping skills and it can never go wrong.

So if anyone need them, a wild goose chase happens in order to find me or I am turned into a shopping cart with all their wish list(accept I have to choose!!!!). There is always this tension of whether they will like it or not. But at the end everybody is happy.

The thing is ,I enjoy everything related to it.

What are your signature style!???

New Year hiccups!!!!

Still in the party mood??? Coming out of party hangover is a bit difficult,isn't it??? After a long holiday who wants to get struck on a boring routine!!! 
   Ahh!! Its good to dream about those endless gatherings, letting your hair down in the dance floor or just enjoying your favourite delicacies. 

Coming back to reality is just like not happening sort of a thing!!!! But there is still fun around which you have to look around for your amusement!!! 

People just mess up while wishing people who have their birthdays or any anniversaries during the month of Jan.!!!! 
       Its so funny when somebody is expecting to be getting wished and ends up hearing "Happy New Year". And the the person who goof up everything acts as if nothing happened!!!

Oh! I won't talk about those mistakes when we write previous years date. Its so annoying sometimes.
      Think of the situation when you realize about it and get worried about something really very important!!!
I hate it seriously!!!!


Busy like hell yet so calm!!!

It is rightly said that Life is an adventure. It's like self discovery. 

To rediscover about yourself is so much fun.

Getting a new job last month was so much blissful to me. It was like a therapy. Getting engrossed completely in work is what I like the most. I don't think I will be ever satisfy if I have to stay doing nothing in future. I am sure to get crazy in that scenario.

So this new job is making my hand ache, giving me so less time to sleep, my eyes burn out but in spite of this ,there is so much calmness in my mind.

I know I was lost in my own hesitation , my own blinded want to go for something which was not for me.

Appreciate what you have got and opportunity shall come your way like a surprise.

Opportunity come in there way who take a step towards it.