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     Puffy eyes, headache and sleepiness are associated with HANGover and so am I experiencing.

It's not after a late night party but after almost a week.

 This is not the type of HANGover that would last for a day and go by.

It would last for many weeks though!!!

It's the type nobody wants to part away with.
The one we all experience after making a trip to our native place.
Aren't they lovely????

I had this sweet opportunity for a week.

Experiencing the fresh air, those tree shades and tasting those unforgotten tastes was unbelievable.

Those experiences will be sufficient to  saviour uncountable days or months maybe.


Are you wealthy!!!

What is wealth according to you??

How much shall be too much for you???

Tagline for gold diggers????

Everybody should be a gold diggers according to me.
Because being wealthy is not only bout money.
It can be a loving heart, a healthy body or a relaxed mind may be.

Ask a tired, saturated and deprived of sleep person. A sound sleep can never be replaced by all the money of World bank.!!!! 

What shall a neglected elderly do with all the money if they don't have eneybody to care for them???

I recently got my lessons right ,when I was sick for a long time.

Eating right was what I learned, to get back strong.
Rather than looking for tasty unhealthy food I have now a days developed the habit for eating according to nutritious value.

And once a have by quota of perfect food I feel unsatisfied .

Neglecting oneself in this fast paced world is what we all are guilty of.
But it has become necessary to look after onselves.

Everybody knows what's good and what's not. It's jus…